15 Favorite Pulp Heroes / Characters and the meaning of Pulp! Pt. 1 of 2!

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We’ll begin this with a definition of pulp, pulp heroes, and pulp writing, then get into my list of favorite pulp characters and pulp runs.

The perceived definition of a pulp character tends to be a character that takes place in the 20s to 40s, in an America besieged by the spectre of War, and consists of slam-bam action, and a colorful larger than life hero and outlandish villains.

It’s with the cementing of pulp heroes to a specific milieu, a specific time, that I take issue with that definition. Characters such as THE SHADOW and DOC SAVAGE and the AVENGER were pulp sensations AT THE TIME OF THEIR PUBLICATION because they spoke to present fears and issues, in colorful imaginative ways.

But now the nostalgia bunch wants to calcify the definition of pulp adventure to a particular time frame or particular writers. I don’t think pulp heroes need to be set 80 or a 100 years in the past, that’s not what Marcel Allain, Norvell Page or Walter Gibson or Paul Ernst (writing as Kenneth Robeson) or any of the pulp writers we idolize today, were doing.

Now I’m not saying ignore the pulp heroes of yesterday, or not set new pulp stories in the 20s or 30s if you want. But what I am saying is… you’re largely missing the point of what the pulp writers were really doing. They were putting these heroes in a world that really needed them, the present world.

I am saying the pulp fiction of Warren Murphy’s REMO WILLIAMS or Marc Olden’s BLACK SAMURAI or Don Pendleton’s MAC BOLDEN are far truer representations of pulp fiction, pulp heroes, than today’s current writers who are making nostalgic re-workings of 1920s, 1930, and 1940s stories.

Again I have no problem with modern writers setting stories in that time frame, I quite enjoy and have championed many of them, but there seems to be this faulty conclusion in the minds of modern writers and readers that setting them in a specific past time frame, makes it pulp. No. Nothing could be further from the truth. Setting it in that time frame makes it a pastiche.

If Gibson or Page or Allain were writing today their heroes would be set in today, and their horror and villains… expressions of timely concerns. Allain’s FANTOMAS or Gibson’s SHADOW would be hanging the president of Exxon or Shell out of a window, saying “You want to explain those gas prices to me now?”

That’s why I love books like BLACK SAMURAI and THE DESTROYER because they are the pulp aesthetic continued, and have original things to say and original menaces to say it to, rather than simply the tendency to nostalgia, and aping dead writers.

When pulp heroes of yesterday fought nazis and gangsters, that wasn’t simply kitschy entertainment, that took some balls. Because gangsters were very much real things, and Nazis a very real threat, and nobody wanted to touch these topics. The way no one today wants to deal with topics of Guantanamo Bay, or Middle Eastern massacres, or corporate over-lobbying of representatives.

Pulp fiction of the 10s (the wonderful, and horrifying Fantamos),20s and 30s and 40s… was timely and controversial. Pulp fiction (and pulp heroes) was about giving the common man a hero who could stand up against the evils of the day, be those evils foreign or domestic. That is pulp fiction, not this nostalgic, safe, hermetically sealed, removed from any relevance of today, pastiches that people want to sanctify.

True pulp fiction, is a fantastic, white-knuckled, adrenalin inducing and entertaining tirade against the evils of its time. Sometimes in-dispute evil.

People forget there was a portion of America, the loud vocal right wing that were pro-hitler and pro the nazis, right up to and even after Pearl Harbor. So for these books to come out in the 1930s with Nazi Villains took balls. It was controversial. They got their share of grief from the Rush Limbaugh’s of the day.

So when people say “Well, true pulp fiction/pulp heroes needs to be set in the 20s to the 40s”, to that I say “only if you’re living in the 20s to the 40s”. True pulp heroes are an answer… an answer to the truths and the lies of your nightly news.

So while it’s wonderful we have this resurgence of so many writers doing pastiches in the pulp vein, it’s unfortunate so few modern writers are actually doing real pulp novels ala Warren Murphy or the late Marc Olden or even the late Ian Flaming.

So few current writers are doing books with great, even salacious covers, breakneck speed, thrilling action, and larger than life protagonists in conflict with outlandish villains, set in a present/timely context. That is the definition of true pulp fiction, and true pulp heroes… and what we are in dire need… of more of.

-to be continued-

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Part II will bring you the list of 15 favorite pulp heroes. Your jaw will drop!!! 🙂

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Dog Day Afternoon or Mace & Pitbulls :)

Well this being the season of peace and goodwill, I find myself online researching pepper sprays, my old peeper spray has gone tits up on me, and time for something more effective, because I’m two bad days away from killing my neighbor’s barking pitbull.

No, no… hear me out.

I share a common fence with the aforementioned neighbors, and the bloody thing attacks the fence like some crazed Wendigo, whenever I dare actually inhabit my own yard. 🙂 . I’ve talked to the neighbors but they seem to have no control over the ‘child mauler in training’. It’s about 70lbs so not full grown.

I mean I’ll walk over to my fence and heaven forbid I touch my fence, the damn thing starts attacking my hand, luckily I was smart enough to have gloves that time. These are new neighbors, they just moved in, I’ve been here years, and they seem quiet enough, which is all I ask of neighbors, so I try and be understanding and make nice with the spawn of satan. But that damn dog is not having it.

So still trying to find a non-harmful solution, I’ve used that ‘dog off’ spray on my fence, as well as the Ultrasonic Bark Off device they advertise on infomercials. Both pretty damn useless.

Well not quite, there’s two dogs, the pitbull, and one that’s like a Jack Russell Terrier/Collie mix, that one is actually cool, and only barks cause the other one acts up, and he seems not to want to bark if I have the Bark off going, but that pitbull, no effect whatsoever.

So time to move to plan three. Yes three. Plan one was make friends with the vicious demon dog… not happening. Plan two… The chemical and ultrasonic bark stoppers, useless and expensive. So plan three, I’m going to put my hand on my fence, if that stupid dog goes to maul my poor knuckles again, which of course it will, I’m going to say “no, release”, which of course it’s going to ignore, and then I’m going to spray the goddamn beast in the snout with pepper spray.

And if it gives me anymore lip, I’m going to put the damn thing down, with my handy dandy blackjack.

And that’s going to be my Holiday present to myself. 🙂


Don’t look at me like that.

I am not a dog hater.

I’ve had dogs, but my dogs were well trained, not like this baying demon. They are grooming this dog to be vicious, and normally I wouldn’t care if your dog was guarding a junk yard, but this is a residential neighborhood, and you have it next to my house.

I’m not about to have that dog constantly attacking that fence, and getting bolder by the day. Heaven forbid my nieces or nephews come over, and that thing decides to bite or attack them when they are at the fence. I would kill it. No if, ands or buts, I would end it.

So the pepper spray plan seems like a nice humane alternative to me having to put the dog down permanently.

Doubtless the neighbors won’t be the happiest, but that’s on them. I told them they need to keep their dog from attacking.

And don’t worry, I’m not using any of those crazy, heavy concentration sprays with UV dye in it and all that nonsense, I don’t know, that just seems a bit wrong to do to anyone or anything.

If I’ve got to take down a pcp fiend, or a mad drunk, or a wild dog, okay, I’ll hit you with the pepper spray, but UV dye??? Really? With all but un-removeable ultraviolet dye… now that’s just wrong.

That’s got to be against some kind of Geneva convention. And yes unlike most morons who buy pepper spray, I’m actually also buying the pepper spray remover, so in-case you accidentally get some in your own eye, or you spray someone accidentally, or once you have the suspect subdued, and the situation controlled, you need to end the burning and pain, you can.

I’m always amazed by all these people walking around with pepper spray, and unless they are a cop, or like me smart, not a single one of them thinks to also carry the pepper spray remover with them.

You have to know how to bring the pain, and you have to know how to end it. If for no other reason that the bad guy ends up spraying you, you can help treat yourself. And for the larger reason, it’s humane.

Simple common sense stuff.

So yeah after I mace the dog, I’ll offer them the remover.


It’s the Christmas spirit!!! 🙂