This review is on the original UK series BEING HUMAN. The quick one sentence breakdown on this series? This five season series, goes on two seasons two long.

The first three seasons tells the unconventional tale of a werewolf, and vampire, and ghost that end up sharing the same house. REAL WORLD for the universal monster set. Alternately funny and imaginative and dramatic the series over three seasons sports first and foremost solid casting, actors who are magnetic and likable and you want to follow their journey. That’a a significant point, that I think gets missed by too many shows, the casting and the chemistry of the cast.

Shows like AGENTS OF SHIELD sport bland cookie cutter casts with negative star power, and then have an uphill battle making the audience care enough to follow the boring cast. Thankfully for the first three seasons the UKs BEING HUMAN had a cast with chemistry, great writing, wonderful performances, and excellent effects all building up to a great cliffhanger third season finale.

For all intents and purposes that’s really where the show ends. After that  a pitiful fourth and fifth season limps out with largely a new cast and atrocious writing. The saying ‘jumped the shark’ is never truer than with season 4 and 5 of BEING HUMAN UK. My advice get the first three seasons, and let this series end in your memory with that intriguing cliffhanger and erase all belief that a season 4 or 5 was ever made (much like season 2 of SPACE 1999 and season 4 of BATTLE STAR GALACTICA [new series] should likewise be forgotten). Grade: Great for seasons 1 to 3! Price Blurays below.

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I’ve been catching up on Miami Vice recently, and was surprised to find beyond the glitzy 80s MTV playboy cops trappings that everyone remembers, was a solid, and initially an astonishingly hardboiled and uncompromising, and surprising cop drama. People lived, people died, and only pain was guaranteed.

I mean that first three seasons has some brilliant, wrenching, even jaw dropping shows. It also has a few horrendously 80s clunkers, most of them revolving around the painfully unfunny ‘comedy’ relief of its snitches, Noogie and Izzie, played by walking stereotypes. Any show that features them dominantly is “turn-off” material. In addition there were a few episodes that were just padded, moronic, and poorly written and directed.

But thankfully the weak episodes of MIAMI VICE are definitely in the minority.

Today’s review is for a season 3 episode called WALK ALONE….

I just watched season 3 episode 4 of MIAMI VICE entitled WALK ALONE. Man is that frigging good. While undeniably 80s and of its time (the clothes, the music, some of the groan inducing levity or comedy relief), it manages to transcend or transform its weaknesses into a chorus for its strengths. And its strengths are many, this is just some great, riveting, compelling yet incredibly straight forward television.

I had forgotten, or never knew, just how much crap they put Phillip Michael Thomas’ character of Tubbs through in that show. The trappings of glamour contrasting with stories about people doing their best not to fall apart. Add to that this tale of fragile love, and corrupt prison guards is buoyed by a stellar cast of young actors from Lawrence Fishburne to Ron Perlman. And James Olmos’ taciturn Castillo is the epitome of cool.

Olmos has since gained recognition for another popular show, but Castillo remains his definitive role, THE definitive role. A great episode, that is all the more great, because it shouldn’t work, this throwback to a younger, gentler prison age that seems positively civilized compared to the aberration that is the current American penal system. However, the episode does work, with grittiness rubbing shoulders with a fun, easy charm. And while today everything is about the overarching multi-part storyline, there’s a lot to be said about the brilliant self-contained story. Where you can come in on any episode, and be not lost, and more… be thoroughly entertained and treated to a complete story. A rare thing to pull off today.

The strengths of episodic television at its best. An easy A-.

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