Holiday Recommendation of the Day! BADAZZ MOFO

Okay, Okay Holiday stuff. Today’s Holiday Recommendation:
BADAZZ MOFO is a great magazine, covering the world of Soul Cinema, as well as Pop Culture in general. I mentioned the mag over a year ago (use my search engine to the right). They are currently running an unbelievable Holiday deal at their site, where you get multiple back issues for one low price! Just a great deal.

How great is the magazine? Well this is from the intro of issue #6 (cover the kids’ ears and eyes):

“Well here we are again. It seems like a long time since we were here last (and to be honest, it has been a long time). If you’re someone who’s returning, thanks for coming back. If this is your first time reading BADAZZ MOFO, allow me to offer this warning: there are things within the pages of this magazine -both ideas and language- that will offend you. I don’t give a sh**. If you can’t handle being offended, then get the f*** out now, because it’s only going to get worse.”

That paragraph when I first read it, made me laugh out loud, and tells you all you need to know about the magazine and the man behind it, Big D.

Having done my bit at self-publishing, I completely appreciate the passion that goes into a project like this. And his design layout is fantastic.

Now I have to say I enjoy the heck out of the magazine, but I disagree with almost all of the reviews. If the mag says a movie is great, I usually think it’s horrible or so-so, and if the mag says a movie is horrible or lukewarm (COTTON COMES TO HARLEM, UPTOWN SATURDAY NIGHT, BROTHER JOHN) I rate them as FANTASTIC! (Especially BROTHER JOHN, which I think is one of the most lyrical, and subversive, and poetic films of the last 40 years. And for me Sidney Poitier’s most haunting and hopeful performance and film:) .

But knowing our tastes are completely different, I just flip his reviews. 🙂 .

So our differing tastes aside it is just a must have magazine. Witty, funny, vulgar, brilliant, and insightful. Go to the site pick them up, and send him some words of support. He’s thinking of ending the magazine, so some commitments of support/subscribers for the next issue would go a long way to keep the issues coming.

So yeah, go and buy a great mag that will put a smile on your face, and support a publisher that needs to stay around. A win/win situation. 🙂 .