Youtube Content Providers Speak Out on Draconian Youtube, COPPA and FTC mandated measures!

Youtube Content Providers Speak Out on Draconian Youtube and FTC mandated measures


Many Youtube channels, From Comic books related ones to Toy ones to Statue themed channels to Video Game channels to even Movie channels, are poised to get shutdown at the end of the year, due to Draconian Youtube and FTC mandates.

The channels below, briefly go into it a lot more succinctly than I can.

Check the links below (while you can):




Looking at the issue it appears to actually have very little to do with protecting kids from unsolicited advertising, (like the FTC has done anything about kids being exposed to unsolicited ads on regular television. 🙂 )

No this has nothing to do with ‘protecting kids’, and has everything to do with closing the wild west freedoms of the internet, and reinstating gate keeping. They want an end to the little guy having an unregulated voice, plain and simple.

They (big business, and their appointed political yes men) want an end to a level playing field, an end to individuals having a voice potentially just as potent and as far reaching… as businesses and advertisers.

So they pull out the tired refrain of ‘protecting our children’, that every tyrant has used to mask their true agenda… of power and subjugation.


So what is the answer?

If I’m one of these channels, I am exploring the following:

one/ a lot of your audience, that reached you thru streaming platforms like Roku, is not going to reach out to you via comments, or Instagram. If you want to get feedback from this population before your channel goes dark, provide your email address so they can reach you.

Two/check with other channels you are friendly with and discuss moving your videos to Vimeo or till you can determine a valid new home for your content. Should moving be necessary. Reach out to alternative sites, avoiding the racist ones.

Three/consider an old fashion BBS model, round robin model, till an alternative can be put in place. Worse comes to worse, many of you guys have loyal viewers, who will pay to get your content. Whether that is going back to an old fashioned bbs model,  every week 5 or 7 channels submit their content to a central hub that than edits together the various segments/channels into that week’s show, and that gets offered as a downloadable or burnable iso, or sent as a DVD. Members signup to get the content every week.  Whether that is a download or a disk in the mail. Revenue generated by this is split between the 5 or 7 or 10 channels on a weekly basis. No advertisers. No gatekeepers. No masters, and no slaves. From content provider to subscriber. And no bs overlord threatening to demonetize you, or fine you into the poorhouse, for the sin of making them rich.

Now that is just one crazy idea, it may be feasible, or it may not. But it is thinking out of the box, rather than running.

Chaos is also an opportunity for profit. You just have to be the one not knee-jerk reacting, and being herded like sheep (“oh let me delete all my videos!!”) and instead be a builder or instigator of a workaround for the issue.

I have never liked Youtube, the content creators on Youtube is what makes an otherwise despicably run organization, profitable.

It is you the little guy, that Youtube and the FTC now seek to give the shaft to (FOR ADVERTISING MISTAKES MADE BY YOUTUBE CORPORATE), that make Youtube a money making company. If you guys could take that valuable content to another platform, less insidiously run than Youtube, Youtube will be the poorer.

Four/ So going along with number three, Network, support each other. And be innovators in this time of change and challenge, rather than stampeded sheep. You have over a month to work this out, and find alternatives.

Let us not panic, and get to the solving.

Anyone who is affected by this, leave me a comment with your email address (it will not be posted) and I’ll reach out to you and be happy to work with you to assist in finding alternatives.

And let me say something, if you are not a paying member of the EFF, issues like this is exactly why you need to be.They are here to defend your digital rights in an increasingly politically and corporately venal environment.

Use the link below to subscribe to them (and no I’m not getting paid to say that), I’ve been a member for years and just think they do FANTASTIC and desperately NEEDED work. But that work like everything, needs funds to keep going.


EFF – Give to them and Give to yourself


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Till next time, give a like and be well! 🙂

Florida CDC Homeless Attack Face Cannibal Zombie BS Media Bath Salts?!! News?

Florida. Florida. Florida.

That state hasn’t been right since the Bushes moved in. 🙂 .

I’m going to give this ‘news’ story the in-depth analysis it deserves. “Bath Salts cause homeless man to go on zombie style face eating attack”? “CDC warn there is no Zombie uprising.”


This is what passes for news and journalism and the wisdom of our government in action?!

Playing up America’s paranoia and gullibility, to spin some stories about homeless f**kers hopped op on Bath Salts, turning into vicious face eating zombies. And the CDC plays into it by issuing their ‘denial’.

I don’t watch TV, or the 24 hour propaganda machine on spin cycle, which means I still have working brain cells left and can tell bullsh*t when I hear bullsh*t.

This is bullsh*t.

A cursory examination of the story, lends a far more probable angle.

Pharmaceutical companies, have been trying to privatize Bath Salts for years, for some silly notion that they can reduce its therapeutic effectiveness and make billions selling you a now ‘controlled’ and watered down version of what you can today get for free.

So how do you get people to give up a harmless therapeutic used for decades upon decades, and pay you billions? Well if you’re a billion dollar conglomerate, with the mass media in your back pocket, you whip out that new strain of LSD you’ve been working on, feed it to some mental defectives, and let them out the mental hospital (budget cuts you know) and let them do LSD tinged, mentally defective things, and your media rushes in to point fingers at the culprit in the corner, the proverbial smoking gun,… Bath Salts. 🙂 .

You now have a CDC and FDA approved public enemy number one. And the pharmaceutical company gets handed the rights to control, privatize, and going by their track record, make both useless and harmful … Bath Salts.

So pick your story of choice…

Bath Salts that your great, great grand parents were using, and has been used for generations since, suddenly turning people into zombies


Recent studies showing the effectiveness of Bath Salts as a simple inexpensive alternative to medications the pharmaceutical companies wants you to pay exorbitantly for, and so they trump up a reason to have Bath Salts outlawed.

I don’t know about you, but given the history of American greed and American atrocities in pursuit of greed, I always choose the answer that has the potential to make someone rich. 🙂

It’s a Machiavellian type of America.

However, it is a state that elected Jeb Bush twice. Perhaps they are all zombies. 🙂

(I kid! I kid! I love Florida! Would you believe like?)

“I mean it’s not that difficult.
It’s not brain surgery.
We become the things we obsess about.
A society that obsesses over monsters and the victimization of the other,
becomes a nation of monsters and victimizers.
A society that dreams of heroes
that save maidens, and stands against dragons
becomes that heroism.
America is in need…
of Nobler dreams.”— HT

Dog Day Afternoon or Mace & Pitbulls :)

Well this being the season of peace and goodwill, I find myself online researching pepper sprays, my old peeper spray has gone tits up on me, and time for something more effective, because I’m two bad days away from killing my neighbor’s barking pitbull.

No, no… hear me out.

I share a common fence with the aforementioned neighbors, and the bloody thing attacks the fence like some crazed Wendigo, whenever I dare actually inhabit my own yard. 🙂 . I’ve talked to the neighbors but they seem to have no control over the ‘child mauler in training’. It’s about 70lbs so not full grown.

I mean I’ll walk over to my fence and heaven forbid I touch my fence, the damn thing starts attacking my hand, luckily I was smart enough to have gloves that time. These are new neighbors, they just moved in, I’ve been here years, and they seem quiet enough, which is all I ask of neighbors, so I try and be understanding and make nice with the spawn of satan. But that damn dog is not having it.

So still trying to find a non-harmful solution, I’ve used that ‘dog off’ spray on my fence, as well as the Ultrasonic Bark Off device they advertise on infomercials. Both pretty damn useless.

Well not quite, there’s two dogs, the pitbull, and one that’s like a Jack Russell Terrier/Collie mix, that one is actually cool, and only barks cause the other one acts up, and he seems not to want to bark if I have the Bark off going, but that pitbull, no effect whatsoever.

So time to move to plan three. Yes three. Plan one was make friends with the vicious demon dog… not happening. Plan two… The chemical and ultrasonic bark stoppers, useless and expensive. So plan three, I’m going to put my hand on my fence, if that stupid dog goes to maul my poor knuckles again, which of course it will, I’m going to say “no, release”, which of course it’s going to ignore, and then I’m going to spray the goddamn beast in the snout with pepper spray.

And if it gives me anymore lip, I’m going to put the damn thing down, with my handy dandy blackjack.

And that’s going to be my Holiday present to myself. 🙂


Don’t look at me like that.

I am not a dog hater.

I’ve had dogs, but my dogs were well trained, not like this baying demon. They are grooming this dog to be vicious, and normally I wouldn’t care if your dog was guarding a junk yard, but this is a residential neighborhood, and you have it next to my house.

I’m not about to have that dog constantly attacking that fence, and getting bolder by the day. Heaven forbid my nieces or nephews come over, and that thing decides to bite or attack them when they are at the fence. I would kill it. No if, ands or buts, I would end it.

So the pepper spray plan seems like a nice humane alternative to me having to put the dog down permanently.

Doubtless the neighbors won’t be the happiest, but that’s on them. I told them they need to keep their dog from attacking.

And don’t worry, I’m not using any of those crazy, heavy concentration sprays with UV dye in it and all that nonsense, I don’t know, that just seems a bit wrong to do to anyone or anything.

If I’ve got to take down a pcp fiend, or a mad drunk, or a wild dog, okay, I’ll hit you with the pepper spray, but UV dye??? Really? With all but un-removeable ultraviolet dye… now that’s just wrong.

That’s got to be against some kind of Geneva convention. And yes unlike most morons who buy pepper spray, I’m actually also buying the pepper spray remover, so in-case you accidentally get some in your own eye, or you spray someone accidentally, or once you have the suspect subdued, and the situation controlled, you need to end the burning and pain, you can.

I’m always amazed by all these people walking around with pepper spray, and unless they are a cop, or like me smart, not a single one of them thinks to also carry the pepper spray remover with them.

You have to know how to bring the pain, and you have to know how to end it. If for no other reason that the bad guy ends up spraying you, you can help treat yourself. And for the larger reason, it’s humane.

Simple common sense stuff.

So yeah after I mace the dog, I’ll offer them the remover.


It’s the Christmas spirit!!! 🙂