Image of the Day : Venerable Benin Ivory Bracelet! Priceless!!



What remains of pillaged cultures. The art and beauty and brilliance, that remains only in the pieces of art to survive colonialism. Beauty remains.

Image of the Day!


I’ve been fortunate to see my share of museums around the world. While there are without doubt bigger museums, you’d be hard press to find a better museum than Walter’s Art Gallery in Baltimore, MD. It’s just something intimate, and embracing both in terms of its selection of items, and the gorgeous ornate old world styling of the building itself.

And today’s IMAGE OF THE DAY is one of the many standouts from my last visit to that museum. A sarcophagus dating back to the days of antiquity it is a gorgeous, large marble and ivory coffin, about 5 feet high, by 6 feet wide.

So if visiting the east coast, it’s worth a trip to this museum, to see this and many other marvels.