Streaming VOD TV Guide : Week Ending 16 June 2018!

Streaming VOD Winners and Losers Week Ending 16 June 2018



I fired Netflix when it decided in the wake of losing Disney’s busness to increase its prices, so months later and they remain… fired.


In the wake of NETFLIX losing my business HULU and  AMAZON PRIME and YOUTUBE have stepped up a s the streaming channels I watch the most.

HULU has AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR, TAKEN tv series, and many seasons of good collectible and food shows such as AMERICAN PICKERS and MASTER CHEF. HULU is also sporting quite a few DC Animated movies, such as the excellent JUSTICE LEAGUE GODS AND MONSTERS.

To be continued….


Streaming VOD Movie of the Day : PRINCESS OF MARS (2009),0,709,1000_AL_.jpg

PRINCESS OF MARS(2009)- Starring Antonio Sabata Jr and Traci Lords, and directed by Mark Atkins, while undeniably low budget, and some of the plotting, like how John Carter actually gets to and from Mars, is murky at best, the film is surprisingly enjoyable.

Very good performances, very good makeup and practical effEcts and acceptable CGI effects, makes for a film that I found more enjoyable than its big budget sibling.

Antonio Sabato Jr, has  never given a bad performance, and has a natural charisma and likeability that elevates these low budget films, and that serves him well as the heroic john carter.

Likewise Traci Lords, whose legend of her teenage years often precedes her, is actually a fantastic actress, and always gives a great performance. If her name is in a straight to video, or B-movie, her performance will elevate the movie. Another name to mention is the actor who plays the towering Tars Tarkas. It is hard to emote and act through makeup, but that is exactly what actor Matt Lasky does in his role as Tars Tarkas. He manages to be menancing, and funny, and compasionate, and confllicted and heroic, as Tars Tarkas. The presence of a real actor in this pivotal role is something the later Disney film could have definitely benefited from.

So, all in all, while not a blockbuster by any means, PRINCESS OF MARS is an enjoyable pulpish B-film, which is what John Carter Warlord of Mars, at its core, should always aspire to be. Grade: C/C+.


Watch it today courtesy of Amazon Prime.

20 Best Youtube COMIC BOOK Channels! Week ending 2 June 2018!

While relatively new to the Youtube Comic Book watching scene, I’ve been a collector for a very long time.

I’m listening and watching these Youtube videos/channels on Comic Books, and these channels are fantastic!

I watch them courtesy of Roku on my Big Screen TV, and I spend more time watching these YouTube channels, than regular TV most days. Much to the chagrin of my better half, who has seen more of these videos than she would like. 🙂

It is just great to see collectors of various ages and backgrounds sharing their passion and finds and tips, on a hobby I also get a lot of enjoyment out of it.

Without further ado, this is this week’s 15 Favorite Channels!(You can find any of the channels just by searching for their name on Youtube. Tell them HT sent ya!)

  • SILVER AGED DAVE (best comic book room tours, and essential info on insurance, budgeting, preserving your books, and generally enjoying your collection, along with great hauls)
  • SADDLE CITY COMICS – nice coverage of mostly new comics presented by company
  • TheKMN1971- Simply has some of the best hauls of bronze age books. Always costs me money when I see his videos. As i’m inspired to go looking for many of the books he shows off.  🙂
  • EARL GREY (best coverage of European comics, as well as deep dives into select creators and genres)
  • MERCENAUT (very informative, and great selection of books to be on the lookout for)
  • GEM MINT (great coverage on Omibus and collected editions)
  • REGIE IFBBPRO (great hauls and stories, and passion for this hobby)
  • LEEKIRBYDITKO (hands down the best golden age coverage on Youtube, and recently become very interested in Golden Age)

  • THULE (Another great Golden Age channel)
  • JERNO’S COMICS & POP CULTURE – Recent find. Very informative. I like his recent project, cashing out his Starbuck’s stock (Long before this most recent news issue, I had no interest in Starbuck’s. Like KFC amd Shell Gas they are on my list of companies to not do business with) and putting it into comic books, and making a greater rate of return on comics than with his Starbuck’s stock.
  • BOOK ROAST – This one has more to do with Gift Boxes and Harry Potter but it is a nice peacekeeper when you need to break up your comic book watching for your better half 🙂 Also while not a Harry Potter fan, I like this channel as well. Her coverage of different Gift Boxes is interesting, and informative; and her Scottish accent doesn’t hurt. 🙂
  • AFTA COMICS –  Love listening to this guy. He sounds like the late, great Adam West. May he rest in peace. So yeah, I listen to him tell his stories in his Adam West voice, and I’m entertained, and reminded of the late great Adam West. Really like this channel. Covers great Westerns.
  • CHYCHO – I like his laid back, ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response, a belief that sound can soothe, and in addition create states in the listener where information is more readily absorbed) delivery. Nice coverage of everything from Golden Age to moderns. And his overview and understanding of economic systems, reinforced some things I knew, and really opened my eyes on some other things. His post PERSONAL FINANCE:CURRENCY,MONEY,ECONOMY,P2:GOLD should really be required viewing, by pretty much everyone.

  • LUTHER MANNING – Like his CGC hauls
  • ALEX THE COMIC HOARDER- like his upbeat coverage of hauls
  • WINDY CITY COMIC BOOKS (great coverage of classic comic book magazines)
  • GORE VIDAL- Great coverage of Independents, magazines, and hardcovers, with a love for the Spanish and Italian artists. His multi-episode coverage on Dark Horse’s CREPAX is essential viewing. He stopped broadcasting a bit mysteriously a month ago, anyone with his contact info just let us know he is alright.


  • GABE INFINITY WATCH – I like his coverage of IDW Artist’s Edition.
  • ISLORD372 – New discovery , I really like his collection coverage video.
  • SUPERJOE – Nice selection of various comics from various eras. And some books I had not seen before.

Honorable mentions:


  • COMIC BOOK FANATICS – Shout out to Ray Jr, who left to do a tour in Afghanistan. Stay safe over there,.
  • FOOLKILLER5150 – Appears to be an abandoned channel, but lots of good content still out there.


And this installment’s Public Service Announcement – To everyone out there who has an issue with Social Justice Warriors, first learn to use the whole word and not the acronym, second you may want to choose a different medium if you don’t like Social justice Warriors. Because if you are reading Superhero Comics, the first social justice warrior is Superman. Followed quickly by Batman, Shazam, and all the others. The whole of Superhero Comics built on this bedrock of vigilantes, sticking up for the little guy, and taking it to the fat cats, and the corrupt, system. Social Justice Warrior defined.


Give love to the channels I mention and be wary of cleaning and pressing a comic. If your comic book is a 4.5, It is a 4.5. The attempt to make it a 5.5 in the short term, can be speeding up the process of making it a 1 in the long term.

Ending this on a positive note you 17 channels are always showing me your hauls and recommends, which I greatly thank you for. You’ve put some great books on my radar. Wanted to return the favor. Below is my list of must own comic books, that I think are WAY undervalued and you can still buy incredibly cheaply and will only go up.



DAREDEVIL 126 & 127 – One of the best two parters of all time. I read this back in the day and it still stands up as one of my favorite non-Frank Miller DAREDEVIL comics. TORPEDO is a great bronze age character, and this is him at his best. Sporting great Gil kane covers, and a story by Marv Wolfman (who was also Executive Editor at the time, and art by Bob Brown and Klaus Janson. Wonderful visuals.

THE UNTAMED – Is a beautiful sword and sorcery graphic novel by Sebastian A. Jones and Peter Bergting and Darrell May. From STRANGER COMICS. A quality and very little known collected edition.

DEFENDERS 52- Best Gil Kane Cover. Best done in one story. Best Hulk vs Sub-Mariner fight. One of the Best Keith Giffen and David Kraft co-scripts. From about issue 42 to 52, these guys were on FIRE! Best depiction of the Hulk. Best depiction of Sub-Mariner. Done, done, and done.

ADVENTURE COMICS 431-440 -Michael Fleisher’s stories starring the Spectre, with Jim Aparo art have quite frankly never been surpassed. They are for me, the definitive take on the Spectre as a vengeful Wrath of God, with a more than demented sense of perverse punishments. A lurid and legendary series.

THE SINISTER HOUSE OF SECRET LOVE #1- Dark Shadows meets the House of Mystery? How do you not love that title and that cover. A must own.

I SPY 1-6 – The 60s pushed the envelope in terms of entertainment, writing and scope. Bringing globe trotting adventures into our living room. I SPY along with DANGER MAN/SECRET AGENT MAN and MAN WITH A SUITCASE were some of the best TV shows of the period. to have that great Cosby and Culp series, also as a comic book is a must own. Great photo-covers.

You can get any of the books listed, using the link below. And using the link earns this blog a few pennies to keep the lights on.

Buy comic books here!
Hope you enjoyed this post. if you did, spread the word.



COMICTOM101 vs PGX and We Love Comics?!

If you are not watching Youtube channel COMICTOM101, and are a fan of this niche hobby called comic/comic books, you may want to start.

Like I mentioned in previous posts I find myself watching Youtube channels courtesy of streaming platforms like Roku or Amazon Fire, more than I watch regular broadcast or cable programming. And while I watch a variety of topics and channels, from nature shows to woodworking to short films to cooking shows, the number one tyoe of channels I watch is the comic related ones.

This week’s 15 best channels, have changed a tad from my previous posting.

A mainstay WE LOVE COMICS, that has some good advice and tips on his channel, has been bumped because of his antics in PGXgate. As a channel that goes out of his way to speak about integrity, I think his very selective defense of his sponsor PGX is suspect. As is his silence on the subject in light of the questions COMICTOM101 brings to light.

PGX is a certification company that has been involved in suspect story, after suspect story, from (per Bleeding Cool) certifying fradulent copies of Walking Dead as a rare collectible,  to the well known grading issue stories, to the most recent claim of an ex-employee, of plans by the company to sell graded comics under a shill account.

It is that last story, that any user of PGX would be concerned about, that WE LOVE COMICS completely failed to address when bringing into question the claims, of a ‘possibly disgruntled’ employee.

Especially when WE LOVE COMICS goes out of his way to say he talks to the owner over the phone, and not to address that issue and other issues, such as the WALKING DEAD fiasco,  has to call into question any claims of impartiality.

And look, I don’t really have a dog in the certification fight.

While a long time comic book fan, I’ve always looked at slabbing of books (encasing them in plastic once graded) very skeptically, regardless of the company.

Only this year, 2018, have I really decided that for me, for select books that I already have in either a collected or reprint format, that having the original issue of a select, upwardly mobile, original bronze or silver or golden age comic, can be a smart addition to a long term collection or investment.

I still think slabbing modern day comics is suspect at best. But that is an argument for another day,

Anyhow, So from 0 certified comics at the beginning of 2018, I now have 10 of them. So still a very modest graded collection. Nine CGC titles and 1 CBCS title.

I went with CGC because of its long standing history, and the fact that the books are easily bought and sold on Ebay and other channels. Also because of their reputation.

Because especially when it comes to trusting someone to grade your comics, reputation is everything. CGC is not perfect, it has issues, as does CBCS. I prefer to just buy already certified books, than goes through the delay and cost of sending my own books in. A smart shopper can get a slabbed book at a very affordable price on the secondary market.

I’ve bought a total of eleven books, one I had to return for a refund, for obvious pressing issues visible from outside of the slabbed book. Pressing is another practice I have issues with, as it damages the comic long term, to get it to get a higher grade in the short term. That is also an argument for another day.

Back on track, the ten books i have that are graded with none of the books costing me over a $110 in already certified condition, is not a bad deal at all.

Now, the one company I actually sent books to, via a convention was CBCS, and I ended up canceling that order, because of the delay time, and was charged $28 to get my books back, and received one of them back water damaged. Possibly not innocently so.

And again I researched all 3 of the certifying companies, CGC, CBCS, and PGX, not content to listen to just rumors.

But yes from personal experience I have no plans to go through the hassle of getting anything certified via CBCS. If i get it via the secondary market fine, but me dealing with that process, not so much.

PGX from research one, had a lot of shady stories attached to their name, but they were older stories. That maybe you could chalk up to growing pains. But years into their business model and new stories of concern pop up to add to the existing story.

I recently just came across the Walking Dead story, and to follow that up with these pretty damning accusations of a ‘let go’ employee, is cause for questions. Especially when you see the questions the company should be answering they are avoiding.And i saw that video from WE LOVE COMICS where he did hint at drug use being the reason a PGX employee was let go.

And for WE LOVE COMIS and PGX to now backtrack from that when called on it by COMICTOM101, does not fill one with confidence in either the company PGX, or their ‘impartial’ spokesperson WE LOVE COMICS.

Based on CoMICTOM101’s great reporting, for me the PGX question is answered in regards to the question of whether graded items from them should be avoided.

Now can they right the ship? Absolutely.. But it would seem it would need to be an overhaul and transparency from top to bottom. With the leadership paying to staff the company with recognized and respected graders. Once that A team of great vetted graders is in place, and an established perhaps third party inspection of their grading and database process is in place, you do the hard part of restoring your name. You own up to perhaps not doing it right in the first place, and not planning it right in the present. But a willingness to correct it in the future. To own up to any incidents that could be perceived, rightly or wrongly, as an attempt to scam people. If the employee in question who was let go was correct, hire him (or them, since it sounds like it was more than one let go) back.

And the number one thing you to to restore your reputation, and this is going to hurt, you offer a recall and free regrading of every PGX book out there in the wild. Yes it is expensive, yes it is going to require real graders, yes you are going to put yourself in the red in the short term. And yes it is absolutely the right thing to do, to restore customer confidence.


Do i expect PGX to do that? Based on their history, absolutely not. I expect them to continue doing what they have been, making income where they can, however given the prevalence and the increasing number of negative stories around PGX’s name, it is not a path I see as sustainable for them.

I, to speak for myself, as i said the verdict is in. I’ll not be buying any PGX books or their sertification process. And I find any channel that advertises sending your books to PGX without addressing the issues, is not impartial, and has to be viewed as a paid commercial for the company, rather than anyone with any real concern for the comic book community.


I would like to be wrong in that assumption, but given how the ground currently lays, I do not see it.


That’s all for now, and come back tomorrow for my installment on this week’s recommendations of the TOP 15 Youtube Comic Book Channels!



Memorial Day Weekend, The Navy, Yale, Bill Cosby and the Thanks of a grateful Nation

Here it is Memorial Day weekend and my thoughts oddly enough stray to Bill Cosby and his 24 Sept sentencing.

And the desire to say a few words on it.

I don’t know Bill Cosby.

I’m not one of the schools he gave money to, not one of the numerous non-profits he fought for, not one of the legion of actors of color he gave opportunities to, not to speak of the comedy and the comedians he gave birth to, that helped turn the needle on a racist America, or the TV network he helped make fortunes for.

I’m not one of the people who shook his hand and smiled in his face in good times, and with the exception of Sinbad are nowhere to be seen in these bad times.

I’m just a guy, who as a kid, horizons were opened and life made better by being able to see people of color on tv in non-stereotypical roles. From Electric company to Fat Albert to I-spy to Uptown Saturday night to the Cosby show.

And Bill Cosby did that.

So that is a debt.

That is a debt of honor,.

You and I and most people live in a less segregated America because of people like Bill Cosby breaking down barriers. Do we get an EMPIRE or POWER tv show or a BLACK PANTHER film in 2018 if you do not have Cosby’s I-SPY in 1965. Do Jack Kirby and Stan Lee even create the character of BLACK PANTHER in 1966, if not buoyed by the humanizing and popular performance of Cosby’s tennis playing hero in 1965? I mean so many things we take for granted today, perhaps don’t happen if you remove that one man’s accomplishments from the equation.

And the man’s wrong, his evil; do we ignore it?

No, of course not, But a man’s perceived evil must always be weighed against his good. And must be done, without bringing our collective baggage of hurts to a specific individual case (a failing of the ‘me too’ movement. That is not justice you pursue in that scenario, that is scapegoating and vengeance).

If you are unequal to rivaling a man’s good, you are perhaps also unequal to judging his bad. Because this nation was made by very bad men, doing very bad things, from slavery to murder, but they are defined in context of those perceived evils AND their accomplishments.

If Cosby 14 years ago, did what the one women claims (because this trial is about ONE claim, not the dubious 30 year old claims, from a dubious collection of wagon jumpers), he deserves treatment not imprisonment.

And further the lack of any recent corroborating accusations, despite the prosecutions best attempts to invent them, shows he for the 14 years since, has not been the predator they want to portray him as.

The quantity of phonecalls show clearly there was some type of relationship between Cosby and Costand that went south back in 2004. Was it a sexual indiscretion, was it going to far, was it rape, was it a spurned request for money, turned into an accusation?. An accusation in an attempt to get paid. An attempt tried again thirteen years later, when financial hard times reared their head, which brings us up to date.

Only God can see clearly the guilty and the innocent, in this 14 year old accusation. What I do know is the burden of proof is on the prosecution, we contrary to Facebook and Twitter are a nation of laws, and a man is innocent until proven guilty.

And 2nd verdict to the contrary, they never proved him guilty in a court of law. Because there was no evidence to. There was no corroborating evidence 14 years ago, and there is none today. He was convicted by the mob, before ever getting to the court room.

And hopefully his legal team is appealing strenuously.

And bringing it back to Memorial Day. Remembering those who died is worthy. But so is remembering those who lived, and came home.

Here’s the thing, if I’m a 19 year old who goes overseas and gets a medal for saving lives, that medal and that moment of heroism is a fixed point in time. If later I come back to the states and end up, like too many soldiers end up, as homeless drug addicts, perhaps even locked up felons; you do not take the medal away. Why? Because the evil a man does, doesn’t erase the good, those lives were still saved, that fixed point of time is still there.

People seeking to remove honors from Cosby, a veteran himself, to take back their accolades, says more about those people/organizations and the value of their honor.

Shame on Kennedy Center, shame on Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and shame on Yale University, by being swayed by those who never had honor, to rescind their honors to Cosby.

Same with Marian Anderson Award and Drexel, Brown, Fordham, Tufts.

And Temple, you know better than to side with the barking of dogs.

And the Navy, Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus and Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy Michael Stevens, in 2014 at just the allegation, removed Cosby’s Honorary Chief Petty Officer Title.

Remember these names and institutions as failures of honor. Their honors are not worth having, if they can be so easily removed.

Honor must stand the test of time, whether it be a medal of honor or a honorary degree, because the reason you gave that honor still happened, and the future does not erase the past. It is not who you gave your word to that matters, it is the fact you gave your word.

And to forget that, is to lose the value of your own honor, in trying to strip someone of theirs.

Navy Revokes Honorary Title for Cosby

Story Number: NNS141204-07Release Date: 12/4/2014 12:28:00 PM

By Secretary of the Navy Public Affairs

ARLINGTON, Va. (NNS) — Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus and Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy Michael Stevens today said the Navy is revoking Bill Cosby’s title of honorary Chief Petty Officer, originally presented in 2011. The Navy is taking this action because allegations against Mr. Cosby are very serious and are in conflict with the Navy’s core values of honor, courage and commitment.

Cosby enlisted in the Navy in 1956 and served for four years as a hospital corpsman before being honorably discharged in 1960 as a 3rd Class Petty Officer.