Movie Trailer of the Day : DANGER ONE (2018)


Just became aware of this film today through a trailer I came across. (Looking at that screen-grab, I can’t possibly think what made me intrigued enough to view the trailer. :). )

The trailer looked very entertaining, seemingly the movie that Michael Bay’s AMBULANCE didn’t deliver. (I am not a Michael Bay basher, I am a fan of several of his films and think films such as BAD BOYS, and 13TH HOUR are brilliantly directed, however AMBULANCE leans hard into the issues and complaints regarding his film-making, chaotic and plotless camera motion and abusive quick cut editing. His visuals in this movie work against the storytelling, rather than with it. His camera movement not only nausea inducing, but worse, storytelling absent.) Based on the trailer, DANGER ONE moves to my ‘Check Out’ list.



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