Essential Purchases of January 2023! From Spawn to Henry Vth to Batman to MCU!


One of the best of the MCU/Marvel Cinematic Universe Art/tie-in books. A real stunner on the book shelf as well as the interiors.


I did not watch this 2022 release until 2023, but in hindsight EUREKA’S CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI  is the best UHD release of 2022, for the simple fact it understands  UHD (which I have stated is an overrated improvement over a well mastered Blu-ray) has to do more than just offer the film at a slightly better resolution, but use that additional space to also give us impactful secial features. This edition does that in spades, giving us multiple versions, and multiple scores for CALIGARI while also offering a host of other special features. A great release!

A low budget, often stage bound and modern dress version of HENRY THE IVTH Parts 1 & 2, this is surprisingly enjoyable, and in places great, If you are a fan of Orson Welles CHIMES AT MIDNIGHT (which covers some of the same ground as H4) or Kenneth Branagh’s  HENRY VTH (one of my favorite films) which this precedes, I think you will find H4 a worthy addition to your collection. I think it delivers one of the best takes on Prince Percy, excellently performed.

My bank account hates me, but picking up all 5 volumes of SPAWN ORIGINS DELUXE was a must for me in January 2023. It took years for all five of these massively oversized slip-cased beauties to be available, so purchasing all 5, while available was a must. An early contender for my most significant purchase of 2023.

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