Favorite Publishers of 2022 : BEEHIVE BOOKS!

Favorite Publishers of 2022 : BEEHIVE BOOKS!

BEEHIVE BOOKS was one of my great discoveries of 2022, an American publisher releasing esteemed and under the radar public domain works in stunning, high-quality, archival quality slip-cased editions with lavish book design, and accompanying sumptuous  art by some of the celebrated artists, most notably some of my favorite artists, artists that cut their teeth in the cartoonist and comic-book realm, artists such as Bill Sienkiewicz, David Mckean, Paul Pope. Along with artists from other fields and disciplines.

Below is my complete collection of Beehive Books as it stands here at the beginning of 2023, five of their illuminated edition and one of their art books. All of the books are massive tomes, if you are familiar with the size of a DC Absolute, itself a massive tome, these books are larger even than those.

Sewn binding, compelling introductions, quality paper stock, and just private library worthy tomes to adorn better bookshelves everywhere, at a relatively affordable price, for what you get.

I have MOST OF their current Illuminated Editions except their OSCAR WILDE, which I had, but ended up selling, because at the time the art did not quite speak to me.and now that one is sold out.

Also not interested in their blazing world or peter pan illuminated editionS.

However THESE BEEHIVE BOOKS ILLUMINATED EDITIONS, a very new collection, that is quite doable to collect them all if moved to.

But whether you select few or many, these are books worth adorning your shelf.

for myself my next purchases from beehive books will be their 2023 releases of DRACULA and KWAIDAN, both of which I am very looking forward to.

Below, enjoy pics of my collection as it stands today:



If I had to rate my collection, not on the stories (some will appeal more than other, HG Wells ISLAND OF DOCTOR MOREAU is a personal favorite) , but rather as art objects, and the height of book design made manifest, and shelf worthy tomes, they would go from Great to  Exceptional/Top Notch:

  • OSCAR WILDE           7/10


  • VOYAGE TO ARCTURUS – Jim Woodring  9/10

  • CRIME AND PUNISHMENT – Dave Mckean  9/10

  • WILLOWS – Paul Pope 10/10

  • THE ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU – Bill Sienkiewicz 10/10


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