WEREWOLF BY NIGHT the best original Marvel Studios Disney Plus show/feature!



Just got done watching Marvel’s much touted WEREWOLF BY NIGHT special, and I have to say… I loved it.

I was originally underwhelmed by the trailer, and was not exactly racing to see it. Though to be fear that has largely been my take on much of Marvel/Disney’s product of late. whether the films… BLACK WIDOW, ETERNALS. MASTER OF KUNG FU, DOCTOR STRANGE MULTITUDE OF MADNESS, THOR LOVE AND THUNDER; or the TV shows LOKI, MOON KNIGHT, etc. I feel after the high of AVENGERS ENDGAME, and the closing of that chapter, this latest chapter has been for me… largely a misstep.

But I have to say I thought this one hour special, hit all the right notes, did not overstay its welcome, and was just pitch perfect. Producing for me the single most successful Marvel Disney Plus original content to date.


I hope this one makes it to a physical media release, as I would love to add this to the collection,  GRADE: A.


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