FIVE Best designed Marvel Oversized Hardcovers (OHCs) / Collected Editions!


The FIVE Best designed Marvel Oversized Hardcover (OHC) Collected Editions! Here we are discussing what the books look like under the slipcover.

From left to right you have:

The four book Coates BLACK PANTHER run.The Iconography of that Green and Black and Red cover is just so compelling and striking.

Then we follow it with the BLACK BOLT OHC by Ahmed; the kinetic, painterly and abstract cover perfectly indicative of the interior.

Then standing up, in simple but striking red, the CAPTAIN BRITAIN hardcovers by Alan Moore. I prefer these hardcovers to the new omnibus, because they list the writer’s name. And Alan Moore book, without his name on it, for me, is just not worth owning.

Then we have a beautiful Alex Ross cover adorning Coates’ run on CAPTAIN AMERICA. A must own.

And then finally we have Tom King, with the book that put him on the map, and is arguably still the best thing he has done…  THE VISION, wrapped in a soft green that feels plush and nostalgic.

That’s it guys, a quick look at some of the best designed Marvel OHCs!

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