Great Youtube Video of the Day : John Campea Show

I don’t really do social media. So I don’t follow what anonymous person or mob is outraged by this or that, so it was breaking news to me that the actress on the new Obi Wan Show, Moses Ingram (great name by the way, though more fitting for a guy than a girl I think, in my admittedly sexist and Dinosaur way  🙂 ),  received a deluge of hate comments, posts, messages. I am guessing on Twitter, or Instagram, or Facebook/Meta.

However per the John Campea show that is what has happened. The faceless social media mob, deluged the actress with hate.


I urge you to watch his video, I find it excellent. I don’t always agree with John Campea on his movie or tv tastes, but in terms of the perspective he brings to incidents like this, bringing reason to the unreasonable, how he holds a mirror up to the irrational, and calls it irrational, is second to none.

It is a great video.

And it is easy for someone like me, whose livelihood is not tied to interacting with the public and having a public presence, to say well don’t have a twitter, or facebook, or social media presence. That presence is part and parcel of being an Actress or Actor or Public person these days, much like a resume or continued education or a certification class is part of your career or job. She should be able to utilize the tools of her job, in this case social media withou being abused or terrorized or hampered from doing her job.

I also did not love her performance, however what must be remembered is ultimately that is the performance that the writers and Directors signed off on, or it would not have made it to the screen. An actor ultimately performs first and foremost for her Director. So as an actor if you have given your Director/ Producer the performance they signed off on, you have done your job. Now if that performance is perhaps not the strongest thing in the film, at that point the ‘blame’ to a certain extent must lie with the Director/Producer who were ok, with that performance.

All this to say you can dislike a performance, but while an actor gives a performance, ultimately it is the Director, and producer, and Editor that actually creates the sequence and tone that the audience sees. It is ultimately not the actor’s vision that ends up on the screen, those decisions are made above the actor’s paygrade, a film or tv series very much the product of a collective and not an individual.

So there is responsibility to go around when any segment of a film or tv show falters for you.

However, whether just the actor or a collective,whether something works for you or doesn’t , simply move on to something else. A disliked performance, or show, or film, does not give you the right to attack the person who created a product, in hopes of you liking it. Anymore than you buying a shirt you don’t like the cut of, or a concert you didn’t love, or a sporting event that didn’t go your way gives you the right to viciously attack those responsible for trying to produce, in good faith, content you’ll like.

You don’t have the right to terrorize someone for doing their job, anymore than you would want someone terrorizing you for a meal,or plumbing work, or home repair, or mowing the lawn, or cutting hair, or driving a bus.

Your movie ticket, or streaming subscription does not grant you anything more than the promise of entertainment you might like, not the certainty. And even if it did, and failed that promise, all you are due, is the right to speak with you dollars, and move onto something else.You do not buy yourself the right… to abuse and terrorize people.

I think any sane, well adjusted, non-venal, non-scumbag person knows this. I think what you have in social media, is concerted efforts from hate groups, a vocal minority, to piss in the pool whenever they can, and take ownership of a fandom they have no real interest in, other than in its visibility to spread their tired message of hate. You trace a lot of these IPs most of them are bots, a lot of them are coming from the prisons, and a good many from lives underneath rocks.

Everyone has a right to an opinion, but what you have the right to SHARE is an informed opinion, and until social media inputs filters with teeth, hate speech and profanity, your message does not get sent and you get banned for a day or week or month, etc when it trips these filters. And attempts to game the system such as use of bots etc, get that whole block of messages/attempts/accounts blocked or removed.

Social Media does not have to be a cesspool, it is allowed and i feel nourished to be one, because dissension, mob rule, allow the venal and opportunistic to easily rule and lead the irrational.

Kinda Trumpian isn’t it. 🙂


Kudos to John Campea for another great video.






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