I was not angry till I came to France. – Remedies

I heard former Resident Trump call the recent atrocity in Texas , that it was “savage and barbaric” yet he was still adamantly against gun control.

I would say that stance; that head in the sand, inflexible stance… is what is “savage and barbaric”. And I say this as a gun owner. The fact that a troubled person could walk in and purchase a weapon capable of mass destruction and use it for such, says that something about the process needs looking at, so this does not happen again.

There is a great book/audio book called the PSYCHOPATH TEST that lays out the need for such a test, that those who seek power (and the instruments of power) are in some cases those who should be kept furthest from it.

And I am all for such a test, not just for purchasing a handgun, but also for law enforcement and to hold political office.  Such a test might not save lives, but perhaps it might. It might keep the reigns of power and violence out of the hands of those not fit to wield it.

And indeed the atrocity in Texas is an extension of the  rush on Congress, and the intolerant wave and extremist brand of hate and madness that Trump has fanned; fanned chaos and dissension, and the breakdown of civility and the moral compass of a nation, in an attempt to rise and stay… in power.

The answer must therefore be those organizations fighting for reason, and justice.

The answer must be, for us, to do something, if only assisting financially those trying to preserve the better angels of our nature and our Liberty.

Here are my opinions of organizations fighting the good fight, and worth supporting.

You do your own homework, but if they likewise vet out for you… support them.

Today’s pick… the ACLU. We will get to gun control, but this series I want to discuss all the major tentpoles I feel are necessary to the rise or fall of  society. Education,  Law & Law Enforcement, Prison Reform, Newspapers/A true free press with journalistic integrity, the rights of citizens vs the rights of corporations. and valid representation of people in the policies of Government.


And today I want to focus on the fight against For Profit Prisons.




I really think the rise of Private Prisons has been and is disastrous not only for those incarcerated, who ultimately leave more dangerous and damaged  and factionalized and indoctrinated into crime and criminality; but even more damaging, to the larger society that they pass on this indoctrination to when they get out.. pass it like a virus to friends, family, and their children.

So the current state of Penal system/ Prison management, rather than making criminals if not upstanding citizens— at least safe, they instead are making criminals under their charge and the larger society they should be protecting…  more criminalized and dangerous.

There is no more racist place on the planet right now than American Prisons, it is an uber Jim Crow/Apartheid state, and this is because it is allowed to be, by a corrupt for Profit Prison management, that may or may not have ties to white supremacist organizations, but also benefits financially not by turning convicts into citizens, but by turning convicts into worse convicts, recruiting convicts, repeat offenders.

The for profit prison system, defines the conversation of the extreme, and by so doing they also effect the larger society. What you see in prisons today, becomes the accepted behavior of society 50 years hence.

If you can control the conversation of the extreme, you can define what will become the accepted.

So if you do not want the conditions of prisons today, to be the standard state of society tomorrow, what we are on the road too, you must make prisons a reflection of law and order, rather than anarchy and factionalism and horror and terror. What we breed in prisons, is nothing short of the future of the society that allows those acts.

Prisons should be run with military precision, in the best definition of that term, where you are all members of the state, and your individualism is subordinate to the singular state policy. Not the factional white supremacy policy, or this policy, or that policy. Prisons are a place where you are sentenced for committing crimes, it should not be a place, where the population is allowed to continue crimes and make a society of crime. A perfection of crime and terror.

Rather than this factionalism, this breeding ground for gang mentality and gangsterism and barbarism, prisons instead need to be a reflection of a society’s attempt to reintegrate the criminal into society when possible, and deprive the criminal element of the ability to continue its criminal predilections to larger outside society, but also the insular society under the Prison Management’s supervision. Because otherwise prisons become complicit in the crimes committed and allowed in its domain, you have criminals housing and training and breeding… criminals.



So check the link out to the ACLU, and become a supporter if you have vetted them and they work for you and if you want to do something more… than nothing.

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