I was not angry till I came to France.

I find myself thinking that line, from HENRY V (specifically the Branagh directed version, his take on that line) a lot these days.

It is a mantra, a steadying tactic, an evocation of steadfastness and reason and scalpel like precision, against things beyond the pale, that should not exist in any world, in any time.

Those who the Gods would destroy, they first make mad.

I say that line to try, however feebly, to not lose myself to the Maelstrom.

This world can not afford anymore mad people.

I must make of my rage, something useful.

Or it will break me and the world in half.

So i say the line, like it’s an evocation.

“He broke first from the World, then from his God, and finally… finally he even broke from himself. I’ve never seen a man so broken up.”

An evocation for the reason and the strength and the purpose, to combat those things, in myself and in the world, and with fits and starts, push them back beyond the sea, into the hell of nothingness.

“I was not angry till I came to France.”

And I say that as someone who loves the country of France.

France being in that quote, for me, Florida, or Texas, or Ukraine or South Africa, or any place where wrongs, that stink to heaven, still cry out to be righted.


Gun Owners, which I happen to be one.

And the irresponsibility of a society that does not hold everyone accountable, guns, gun owners, parents, gun shops, gun manufacturers, there is blood and culpability enough to go around.

But funny enough, some people don’t share in the culpability. Don’t have to account for the blood, that they were the closest to helping shed.

It’s not fair to hold everyone around a tragedy liable. The gun shops, the gun manufacturers, the friends and families of the perpetrator, and yet in a world dripping in unfairness, it is the closest and best step we can take, to stemming the tide of machine men with machine minds, killing in these machine times.

Someone touched that gun, before the perpetrator, put it in his hands, a weapon with the ability to wipe out people not yet grown, lives not yet made, families not yet had.

Everyone should suffer that weight, Especially those who financially profited by putting that weapon in the hands of someone so unfit to wield it.


I’ll in part two of this have a list of organizations, links to organizations, that can help you and I, place that unfathomable rage to shoring up the holes in our society and our world, that allowed us to see such a day of senseless tragedy, and allowed others… not to see the end of this day.


Till next time, breathe… in … and out… breathe …. in…. and out. And one breath at a time, I will meet you back here, to make right…. the wrong.

God… whatever God you bend your knee to… bless.

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