A tale of two films : Carl Dreyer’s VAMPYR DVD/Blu-Ray/UHD Criterion vs Eureka! Recommendation Purchase Sale List


Eureka unfortunately is not the company it used to be, back when its name was fittingly synonymous with MASTERS OF CINEMA. These days it tends to be overpriced and cutting corners by squeezing multiple films on a disc. And has jumped on the bandwagon of faddish genre films, rather than necessarily the top notch classics it made its name on.

And I get it, you have to sell what is moving.

However for me,  the martial arts films are not what I go to Eureka for (THE POLICE STORY Trilogy had me interested till I saw that box artwork, not horrible just not good. looks like jacky chan is looking for the bathroom on the cover. 🙂 . add the price they are asking for it, $75 US retail, and the only response to that is… no. just… no.)

Eureka might need someone better doing their art design/packaging.


And the films I am interested in, either they feel over-priced and under produced, or they simply do not feel like films I need to own. These are films I am perfectly content to just catch occasionally on streaming.

Thankfully the end of May brings one title which is an exception to my general disinterest in their releases.

It is Carl Dreyer‘s 1932 game changer… VAMPYR.

Click the above images to purchase your copy today. Limited to 3000 copies.

CRITERION for the past 14 years (since  2008 with the DVD and 2017 with the Blu-ray) has held the gold standard, as far as available physical media releases of Carl Dreyer’s  1932 VAMPYR were concerned.


Eureka in a hail-mary to their glory days have announced their version of VAMPYR, which going by the description, replaces the Criterion release as the edition to have. (And that is saying a lot because the Criterion Bluray release is a beautiful release as you can see above, and at its current 50% off sale price on Amazon is definitely still worth picking up)

The Eureka release is not just a new-scan of the classic film, it is a just completed ( 10 year in the making) new restoration of the film. The first such restoration in twenty years. In addition it ports over the major features from the Criterion release while adding a commentary with Director Guillermo DelToro and new features with Kim Newman and David Huckvale. On top of that it adds a 100page square-bound book, and the beautiful slipcase hard-box shown above. 

At roughly $35 retail US, it is not cheap. However if it lives up to the provided description, it is poised to be Eureka’s best and most significant release in years, and will be well worth the money. Also it is worth noting Eureka offers free shipping, the only company doing this. So all in all, the price for their VAMPYR release is a great deal, and I for one will be purchasing it.

And while I give the company a bit of a hard time in this post, it is only because I would like to see more quality releases such as VAMPYR, KWAIDAN and THE OLD DARK HOUSE. I even enjoyed their EDGAR ALLEN POE Boxset, I just wish it was across three discs rather than two.

So overall this post is nothing but love for Eureka, and hope for more potentially top notch releases… such as VAMPYR.

I’ll do a side by side review when my Eureka copy comes in.

Till next time, be well.

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