Saturday Stats : Rating the Disney acquired Netflix/Marvel TV Shows from worst to Best!!

Saturday Stats : Rating the Disney acquired Netflix/Marvel TV Shows from worst to Best!!

Drum-roll please, From worst to best:

  • IRON FIST – The less said, the better
  • PUNISHER – he worked much better as a guest str in daredevil, than carrying his own series.
  • DAREDEVIL 3 – Every season I liked the character of Matt Murdock and Karen Page less. And this season I just found the Kingpin a far more sympathetic character than Daredevil.
  • DAREDEVIL 2 – Introduction of Punisher was a high point, but the character of Matt Murdock becomes such a whinny unlikable character, and the character of Karen Page, as performed, is “fast forward” the episode annoying.
  • LUKE CAGE 2 – they stick the landing on a bumpy season, but the character arc is the best of any of the series, particularly with that great ending. And Iron Fist in a small sequence here is better used than in his whole series. Some cringe worthy scenes with Black Maria and Shades aside, the rest of this season is some of the most compelling and fascinating
  • And now coming to the top 2…
  • LUKE CAGE 1 – It only lacks the ground-breaking action and fight choreography of DAREDEVIL Season 1 & 2, but in terms of the actual story and characters, I like these characters more, and find the story more compelling and substantive. I think the Luke Cage shows as a body of work holds up better than the other shows and says something actually important to us as viewers.
  • DAREDEVIL 1- The show that made all the other shows possible. With very tiny hiccups, a  nearly perfect season of television, and definitely groundbreaking. Only hurt by the start of the annoying Karen Page arc, and the loss of two of the most likeable characters in this season.

So with Disney/Marvel taking over characters and the baton put down by Netflix, I hope for the best, but have been largely underwhelmed with the Disney Channel Marvel-verse. It’s good at best, but never reaches the ambition or highs of the Netflix shows.

I highly recommend picking up the top 5 Netflix Marvel shows on Bluray if they are still available.


I hope you found this post useful and informative.


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