Best Streaming Content of April 2022 : Youtube Edition -Videos to catch if you missed them! & RIP Neal Adams


Big fan of the Civivi Button Locks. Particularly the all black Elementum.

 Great selection of George Perez work. Though for me I would replace his AVENGERS run with Busiek with his earlier (and in my opinion better) Avengers run with Gerry Conway and Jim Shooter. Much of what the Busiek run does is recycle the iconic work and story-lines that Perez and Shooter/Conway created the template for in the 70s/early 80s. That aside, well said on his overview and appreciation for Mr. Perez, and best goes out to him and his family.

And speaking of great artists, the news of Neal Adams passing gave me pause. There is no way to overstate his formative and qualitative and respect inducing effect on the industry. His groundbreaking panel design and dynamic and beautiful and sophisticated artwork and storytelling raised the bar on comics and every character he touched. More he was a vigilant fighter for creator rights, and creators both pre Adams and post Adams have benefited and continue to benefit from the concessions he helped to institute.And generations of artists owe their livelihood to Adams pioneering inspiration. I was honored to briefly see him at a convention and tell him what he had heard from 5 decades of con-goers, “huge fan”. RIP Neal Adams.



Absolutely fascinating. I am not a toy or statue guy. I only own 2 statues. I have enough things I collect, so I do not need to add figures or statues to my obsessions. But I have to tell you, I see myself making an exception for these Exo-6 figures. The video and quality is that apparent.

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