The essential Graphic Novels/Collected editions of Black History Month and Beyond : This installment– Jay Pott’s WORLD OF HURT


I love this collected edition of Jay Potts non defunct web series WORLD OF HURT. And I am happy enough to own a copy of this beautifully produced widescreen collection of Potts labor of love. Here is the fallacy of the age of digital: his website is gone, his webcomic is gone, the artist has unfortunately fallen off all radars, but thankfully this kick-starter published hardcover remains, to tell us of a unique creator and his creation, that would otherwise be lost to time. The physical medium, this 2011 book remains, when the digital has failed.

Like has happened to many creators, particularly of color, whether in film, or literature, or comics, their work unfortunately tends to not be preserved. And while everything is supposedly forever in the age of digital, the truth is that the tangible, the physical, is still the measure by which something is real. As someone who cannot find any more copies of Sembene Ousmane’s or Haille Gerima’s best films or Mark Olden’s best 1970s paperbacks; I can attest that these sparks of genius, tend not to get subsequent printings/pressings, and end up snapped up in private collections and lost to the larger story, the larger history, of the times in which they were made.

This month, remember Jay Pott’s excellent WORLD OF HURT hardcover, and find a copy if you can. I would love to know that we would be getting future volumes, or a reprint of the 1st volume, but for now all we have is the work made tangible in paper.

Hold onto it.


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