Movie of the Day : Kino Lorber’s great release of THE PSYCHOPATH

The Psychopath (1966)

Freddie Francis, 1966, U.S., U.K.

Based on the standard poster art (not the Blu-ray cover art, which I show below, and which I think is great) and the title, I did not expect much of this film. From the first frame I have to say I am pleasantly surprised.

Freddie Francis directs a primary color, technicolor drenched British thriller, that very much reverberates with Giallo brilliance that will illicit favorable comparisons to Mario Bava, as well as in its own right… having an influence on Italy’s Giallo’s to come, among them Dario Argento’s best film, 1975’s DEEP RED.

THE PSYCHOPATH is sharp, enjoyably written and performed, and filled with great tangents and potential suspects… that keep viewers guessing till the fun and over the top end. But high on this film’s strengths is its beautiful cinematography and shot selection, and the aforementioned primary color drenched palette.

I really enjoy, this messy potboiler of a film, and am very happy it is now in my collection.  And to think before the recent Blu-Ray release by Kino Lorber this film was largely a forgotten film, as Troy Howarth in the commentary details, this film was never given a vhs, dvd, or other release. So huge thanks to Kino Lorber for rescuing this film from obscurity and giving us this well heeled physical media release. Grade: B+.

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