Currently Watching and listening to the Director’s Commentary of the immortal ROAD HOUSE


Revisiting this film, after a period of some years, on my old DVD loaded with special features, my memory is refreshed on just how surprisingly good and captivating this 33 year old film is.

Particularly when you put this in the context of when it was made, this… today seemingly kitsch little B movie, was actually (at a budget of over 15 million dollars and bringing in double that in domestic returns) a well financed “A” production for 1989, with the same budget as another 1989 perennial favorite… DEAD POETS SOCIETY.

So while not a blockbuster like 1989’s BATMAN or an award darling like 1989’s FIELD OF DREAMS, ROAD HOUSE fell squarely between the two; being both a crowd and critic pleaser, and one of the more profitable movies of the year.

This modern day reworking of the myth of the western, and mixing it with martial arts and slug-fests, and wonderful dialogue, great performances, and lush direction, was able to out of all these influences make its own unique and addictive and iconic voice, that decades of movies would follow.

The director’s commentary comes highly recommended as well. All in all, a must own film. Grade : A solid B+.

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