Collection Overview : 2022 Day 2- 01022022- My Complete Warner Brothers Studio Non Media Book Blu-ray and 3D Collection!

So this is my Warner Brothers Studios Blu-ray collection here at the start of 2022. Everything except my WB Media Books and Steel books, about 2 dozen or so,that I have stored elsewhere.

All these titles I picked up in a little over 2 years from 2019 to 2021. A good bunch of these titles are 3D, Hands down Warner Brothers has been the best and most prolific company for 3D. Best in terms of supporting the medium of 3D, not necessarily qualitatively the best, though they do have many excellent steroscopic releases.

These titles were bought in a variety of ways, a bunch direct from Warner Brothers, when they still had the Warner Brothers online store, and regular sales. Many from third part resellers and sites.

I replaced, where possible, the tacky blue cases, the movies came in, with far more visually appealing clear cases. And for titles that had slipcases, I bought hard clear slipcover protectors. So on average the movies shown averaged $20 a film to acquire. Some, particularly the 3D titles, due to scarcity, are worth now— far more than I purchased them for.


And while 3D releases have slowed down, thankfully Warner Brothers is still making available 3D Blu-ray releases of their new films.

I look forward to picking up their WONDER WOMAN 84 and DUNE in 3D, this month, January 2022; and adding them to the collection you see.

And here is hoping for far more from Warner Brothers in 2022, and that they continue to be the most prolific 3D-supporting studio!

If you have any questions or comments about my WB collection,or yours, do not hesitate to drop a like, email or comments!

From our HT family to yours!



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