Streaming TV Guide of the Day 27 Nov 2021 Saturday : Youtube edition!

I absolutely love this channel. I am always so delighted every time a new video drops. Great comics, with great stories, comfortably told by host AG. I grew up with an appreciation for radio, it goes back to my Dad playing talk radio when he was getting ready for work, back when talk radio wasn’t synonymous with intolerance or hate, but was skit comedy, and great music, and Chicken Man! (look it up you younguns)

And I grew up in the analog age, when tv meant 3 channels, records scratched, cassettes skipped, and radio was king. And there was no way to rewatch a movie, except to see the movie while it was in the theater, no way to rewatch a television program, no way to rewind it, or pause it, or stop it. You had one shot at seeing an episode of tv, and if you missed it, it may not come around again ever. If you  were lucky it might hit syndication in 5 years time, if it was on tv long enough to qualify for syndication. But a made for tv movie or special….you could forget about it.

I grew up in a time, when nothing was promised, and nothing was owed. Like a comet, your entertainment of choice came once, and you were either there to meet it, or you weren’t. And that obscureness of our entertainment, made for a generation who appreciated it. A generation of collectors, who “against the day of trouble, laid by some trifling thing, a smile, a kiss, a flower… for sweet remembering”.

A lot is owed to that breed of collectors, who preserved our radio programs and our movies and our tv shows and our comics. Not just preservation of a pop culture history, but history definitive and culture definitive. Culture preserved by collectors, when the studios, could not perceive of any secondary life for, what to them was disposable content,… as worthless as confetti after a parade.

We live in a digital age now, where studios, having finally learned the lesson taught by collectors that there is an afterlife to this entertainment, now monetize their back catalog, and provide potential customers at their fingertips more entertainment than any of us old fogies could have dreamt of.

Any single streaming channel arguably has more content available on any day, then those of us sired of an Analog age; would have come across in decades of looking and watching and searching.

But I think you have to have the background of an Afta Comics or a Heroic Times, to appreciate the golden age we are in.

But I urge those of you reading this to try to acknowledge and appreciate the golden age you are in, because it is the folly of all times and all places… that golden ages… pass away. Embrace this one while it is here.

And embrace channels like Afta Comics. That are about the moments in our hobbies, that endear. Just one of my favorite channels.

I have started a Patreon channel, so  one thing I hope to do, is collaborate with channels I enjoy and like, and put together a hardcopy, a monthy DVD or VideoCD, a video anthology if you will, of the standout videos from each member/each month.

I try and learn from history, and all this great content, only preserved on a multnationals servers, seems as insecure as old silver nitrate films, when the studios decided they were taking up too much space. They destroyed those films.

Enough about that, go over and subscribe to one of my favorite channels: AFTA COMICS. And in the meantime here are some other fun discoveries for today:

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