Rating the Marvel/MCU/Disney 3D Blu-ray Movies from Best to Worst! RoUGH DRAFT

Okay the title says it all.

I am a huge 3D/Stereoscopic fan. Not so much of the 3D in theaters (unless it is a TRUE Imax 3D theater, not these retrofitted Movie Mall ‘Liemax’ theaters 🙂 ) , primarily because of price gouging, having to pay more for a 3D theatrical movie, and often (I saw many of these films in 3D in the theaters) getting an underwhelming three dimensional experience (again not talking about real Imax theaters, that generally you find only in better Science Centers).

Passive glasses have a lot to do with theatrical 3D issues, also bulbs not bright enough, focus off, and generally just the churn through and not really caring compromises… that sometimes occur when art meets the demands of commerce.

But getting into home 3D, having assembled the system, and done the research; I have taking ownership of my viewing experience, and I have to tell you, I am enjoying a lot of these films on 3D, far more in my home, than during their theatrical run.

And of course I am not saying my very affordable home system is better or even equal to a quality, professional theatrical projection system. My system can’t meet the demands of a theater audience of hundreds of people. But given half a dozen people, 80 to 100+ inch projection space, and the care taken to make sure the pic is focused, the bulb is bright enough, and pay the money to have active glasses rather than passive glasses, and yes… my home system kicks the ass of most of those three dimensional theatrical viewings.

So, going along with the home system, I now also have a relatively rich and comprehensive 3D collection.

I thought I would quickly share with you, one segment of my 3D collection, my best and worst Marvel/MCU/Disney 3D Blu-Ray films that I own.

This is my list, I would love to hear your list and recommendations of your best 3D blu-ray films both MCU and non-MCU. If you have your own list please leave it in the comments. Thanks.

And quick FYI, I do not own all the aforementioned Marvel/MCU/Disney films, just the ones I was interested in adding to my collection. And I did do research on these films prior to purchasing, just in terms of general 3D quality, to select the strongest regarded three-D releases from a cross-section of reviewers and industry sites. So films that are generally regarded as weak 3D, and the film is not a must own in terms of my preferences(such as the Iron Man films, Most of the Thor films) I skipped picking them up.

And there are some I have yet to pick up in 3D such as BLACK WIDOW and CAPTAIN AMERICA CIVIL WAR

Now not all systems are made equal, but generally what is effective and affecting 3D; an effective pop-out, or deep depth on one system will be a noticeable pop-out or depth on another… perhaps not to the degree one person states, but it will be there.

Everyone who has seen FORCE AWAKENS on 3D Blu-ray (One of the best 3D mastered/post converted Blu-rays) can agree that something like 37 minutes in (pulling that number from memory), a star destroyer poked out of their screen. Now whether it was seemingly inches or feet, depends on your system and your eyeballs, but generally speaking, regardless of system (providing the systems are adequate, and well setup) that moment will be noticeable, and memorable. When I want to show off my system to someone, that is the mainstream feature film I pull out first generally.

So my rating of the MCU/Disney movies, is using this conceit that good 3D is reproducible across varying systems, as a very informal criteria to grade these movies on. So my grading criteria is not sporadic pop-outs or depth in and of themselves, but rather a gestalt of an impression, where throughout the film there are memorable moments of dimensionality, with both depth and negative parallax. The top of this list, the stereoscopic effect looks good throughout and not just in moments.


Okay, let us bring on the GRADING/RATING!!


Couple caveats :

  1. This list is not the final list. this is a rough draft.  I’m doing this from memory, of films I have seen on my home system in the last couple of years and the impression the 3D left me with. I will revisit all these movies in a head to head to give you my final list in an upcoming installment.
  2. Generally speaking MCU/Disney films do not have the best 3D (the sensational post conversion of A FORCE AWAKENS aside) , as compared to say Sony on their home 3D releases. I would argue the 3D in Sony’s Spiderman post-converted films are generally better than anything in the MCU. IMAX Documentary films, as expected, generally blow these post-converted MCU films away. 3D Archive films for Warner Brothers and Twilight Time are generally state of the art. Films like LIFE OF PI and GRAVITY outclass anything that is on the list below.

But generally these films are at the very least good (with a few exceptions) and in moments great. The best of the below are generally B-grade 3d films. But a B 3d film is for me a better way to view that film, than any other way.


Okay onto the list:



This is going to surprise people, since the title I am about to mention is generally listed as the best of the MCU 3D films.


Yep I said it. DOCTOR STRANGE has the WORST 3D of any Marvel film. Now it has the best VISUAL EFFECTS, and I think people are confusing the visual effects for the stereoscopic effect. If you look at the movie, it has great INTERCEPTION like effects, however those scenes largely offer disappointingly shallow 3d. It is almost flat. The whole first part of that  movie, the whole 2/3rds of that movie it is lit and shot in such a way that it collapses crowd scenes and everything else into this very flat, darkly lit presentations. It is shot to make post conversion difficult. It is not till the final act in space, that the illusion of 3D gets some traction, but for most of the film, you will see no 3D, in your 3D movie. It is the most disappointing film in regards to its poor stereo imaging.

While not as egregious as DOCTOR STRANGE, both AVENGERS INFINITY WAR and ANT MAN AND THE WASP offer significant portions of the film where the stereoscopic is so poor as to be absent. The 3D is lackluster enough in spots, to put the respective films on the bottom of this list. And this is not an indictment on the quality of the movies, I like all the movies on this list. This is solely a grade on the effectiveness of the stereoscopic as mastered onto the 3D Blu-ray.





Films in this grouping convey a general sense of 3D but nothing overly memorable. But films that are good enough that I prefer to watch them in 3D, over the alternative of regular flat/2D presentation. These films are:










Only two MCU movies with my first 3D Blu-ray viewing, struck me as solid (even very good) and memorable use of 3D.

CAPTAIN MARVEL is next to the best. I enjoyed the movie, and it is one of the best of the MCU 3D Blu-ray releases, surpassed only by our number one pick… drumroll please...


Yep the first ANT MAN, has all the great visual effects to match Doctor Strange, but this film in comparison has strong and effective 3D throughout. It is the best of the 3D Blu-Ray MCU films.

Now again I am not rating the quality of the movies, only the quality of the stereoscopic effect on the 3D Bluray (though I do happen to like all the movies listed). And 2nd, this has been a rough-draft.

I will re-watch the films in question and will update with a more informed and refreshed list. Keep an eye peeled for the final version of this article.

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Till next time, be well!

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