TWELVE ? Favorite BEST DC Absolute Oversized Editions to pick up before they are gone! PART 3 of 3!!

Now wrapping up my list of the top must own Absolutes:


This can be collected in two ways. The original 2 volume release, or the one volume expanded edition that adds three additional one shots not included in the 2 volume set.

The Downside of the new one volume expanded edition is the binding that offers issues of gutter loss and inability to stay open. Youtube channels INFINITE PANELS and COMIC BOUND have great overviews on the one volume Expanded edition, the strengths and weaknesses.



Continuing my Warren Ellis theme, the next must own omnibus is also by this most prolific and influential turn of the century creator. (And a creator I am sad is not currently bringing us more work. His personal life is his personal life, but as a creator, I think his work is informed, entertaining, and always compelling)


I think we are actually going to call it there. I have decided not to include THE ABSOLUTE CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS because  I do not like the matte paper used in this release and feel that the Deluxe Edition, though a little bit smaller, presents much better. AND ABSOLUTE FOURTH WORLD, rather than getting this story spread over two absolutes I’m good with just going the “all in one” Omnibus route.


So there you go… TWELVE— I mean TEN 🙂 MUST OWN Absolutes!!!!


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