TWELVE Favorite BEST DC Absolute Oversized Editions to pick up before they are gone! PART 2 of 3!!


Absolutes are a deluxe format, oversized archival quality way to present beloved works of comic books/graphic novels, and to admire the art and story in an expansive, quality, slip-cased format. The Absolute line is a DC Comics branded over-sized format, and is one of the highest quality such formats in the comic book/graphic novel industry. With its origins dating back 21 years to 2000.

Other over-sized lines are offered by other publishers such as Dark Horse, Marvel, Oni, Image, BOOM and IDW, however in terms of the breadth and depth of DC’s Absolute line; the Absolute line is largely the standard to which the others aspire.

Now given well publicized issues with DC/Warner Brothers production and distribution of comics and collected editions, on top of the paper shortage and inflation issues in these pandemic days, and the future of the ABSOLUTE line is in some doubt (as is arguably the future of paper periodical comics as a whole).

So now is probably the last golden age to pick up all the best, essential books in this line, while they are still readily available, and before they get hoarded into private collections.

So without further ado here are the ABSOLUTES I highly recommend owning, in terms of the great combination of art (if the art is not stunning, even if the story is great, there is no need to own it in oversized format) and story.


Without a doubt, Alan Moore’s WATCHMEN, memorably crafted by Dave Gibbons is a must for this or any list.


Alan Moore and Gene Ha’s TOP TEN is one of the most massive ABSOLUTES, and is another gem from the mind of the justly accalaimed Alan Moore, and Gene Ha’s artwork is arguably the best of his career.

ABSOLUTE PROMETHEA, the entire Alan Moore and JH Williams series is collected in three drool worthy must own Absolutes. Much like Alan Moore’s ABSOLUTE SWAMPTHING, all the absolutes in the series are must own. Pick these up before they are all unavailable.

The 4th and last selection for this installment, surprise, is not an Alan Moore entry. Artwise and storywise I personally do not feel LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN is Absolute worthy. V FOR VENDETTA has well known binding issues, and I think the Deluxe Hardcover with the extras is a better way to collect that title.

No the 4th pick for this installment is…

ABSOLUTE JUSTICE is a fantastic teaming of Alex Ross, Jim Kreuger and Doug Braithwaite to create one of the standout stories and collections. Ross’ paints over Braithwaite’s layouts and pencils… is a gem. The two complementing each other very well. A must own!

Well that’s it for this installment. Please like, subscribe, comment, and I would appreciate if you use the links/images to order any items you are moved to. You get a great item and earn much appreciated pennies for this Blog. And come back next time for more great coverage of all things pop culture!

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