Favorite Movies of the Day : Netflix’s BLOOD RED SKY and Amazon Prime’s 24 HOURS TO LIVE


I went into this film knowing nothing more than the title, and that it was a horror tinged movie. And I was awarded by that blank slate approach with a movie I really found compelling and enjoyable.

This is a German film, and typically I choose subtitles for foreign language non-comedy films, however the dubbing on this film I noticed immediately— is actually great. the stigma dubbing has, historically, is the voice acting is jarring, or ridiculous or inept. Here the voice acting is actually nuanced and impressive and really marries well to the visuals. Netflix I think is doing a great job of upping the quality of dubbing for their non-English content.I believe some of the actual actors do their own dubbing.

And the film… has some logistic, plotting/physics issues late in the film that are kinda glaring. But by that time I am well captivated and caught up in the story, and largely powerful performance done by the cast, particularly the lead, and the main antagonist, do a good job of really selling the drama and pathos.

I really surprisingly enjoyed this film, plotting issues aside. Really fun watch, and recommended. Currently showing on Netflix.



I historically am not an Ethan Hawke fan. His films tend not to do it for me. So I went into this action film a little unenthusiastically. However, finally watching it after having been on and off my watch-list for a while, I found this another surprisingly enjoyable and compelling film.

And again, this is another film that I came into knowing nothing beyond the poster art. And once again I feel rewarded for coming into the film scenario free, and letting its story and surprises unfold at their own pace around me.

Both this and the previously mentioned BLOOD RED SKY had an emotional core that elevated it beyond simple genre expectations. And 24 HOURS TO LIVE, more drama than action, has moments of eye opening action set pieces.

Strongly recommended. It will only be free on Amazon, for seven more days. So view it now if interested.


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