The new At&t, Warner Brothers, Discovery Shakeup!!!

Before I comment on the new At&t/Warner Media/Discovery shakeup, first for transparency’s sake, I need to state I own stock in At&t and by extrapolation the new company that is going to come out of this… restructuring/merger, so I by definition am not an unbiased commentator, but as always i will do my best to give as rational and balanced, a take on the news as I can.

Long story made short, I think it is potentially good news. At&t had no idea what to do with an entertainment/media company, and their recent ‘very public’, public relations failures, highlights this. So I think Discovery, which is an entertainment company, taking the reins of Warner Media, is potentially a very positive change of events.

“You know, it has just been a failed experiment, ever since At&t (has taken over)– no one has really been happy with what At&t has done. — Warner Brothers spinning off from At&t and joining up with another company whose focus isn’t selling cellphones or cellular plans,  plans, but a company that is focused on delivering entertainment to its consumers and customers around the world, at least is a better direction for Warner Brothers.”

—John Campea/John Campea Show

And again I don’t always agree with the opinions of the John Campea show (MAN OF STEEL a great film? NOT! 🙂 ) but I do always appreciate his informed and thought out perspectives.


Here is the whole video:

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