Stocks and Mutual Funds, Freedom & Slavery, Governments and Corporations, and How I Sleep at Night

I’m working on an upcoming post about a Disney Product, and then an AT&T product, and then a Google product, and before those posts I wanted to say a little PSA on how I live with these companies, and how, in 2021, I live with myself.


A little PSA (public service announcement), and you can take it or you can leave it alone.


In an age of Oligarchs, and Nation States that genuflect to corporations, we as the little people, the citizens, that are often an afterthought between the machinations of corporations and governments, I’ve come to the decision we need to own the things that are seeking to own us.

Capitalism, as most vividly expressed in the Stock Market,  that was never meant for the benefit of the little people, can if viewed as a tool for accountability, and identification, be a tool of some value.

You, as citizen of the world, should be taking advantage of this still available option, to own stock in the companies that are increasingly doing their best to own you.

I dislike being a slave.

There is something deep and abiding in me, that resists the yoke.

Always has, reckon always will.

So stock ownership in a company for me is less about return on my investment or generating income… then simply having, however fractionally, a bit of ownership in the companies trying to own me.

Otherwise I could not sleep at night, if the things I consumed, whether books, or movies, or utilities, I did not have, however tangentially some ownership in.

It makes me feel, in a world spinning toward master and slave, landowner and serf, that I have some ownership stake, not only in the necessities I consume, but as importantly in the entertainment I consume, and the companies that produce that entertainment. In the idea-space, where culture is made.

In 2020 I bought stock in every company that I end up, through necessity or desire, giving money to,

I own stock in Disney, because they purchased properties I like (Marvel and Lucas Films and Fox Films), I own stock in At&t because they own Warner Brothers, as well as being a telecom giant. I own stock in my utility company,  in Google, in Tesla, in Amazon, in half a dozen more.

I own stock in every company that I, in one way or another, am required to pay tribute to; by necessity or desire. By being a stockholder, however laughably small my percentage, I can sleep at night, knowing in the tiniest fraction (the proxy votes, etc) I have a say, in how heavy falls the hand of Rome.

I dislike being a slave.

And in a world spinning toward master and slave, having a financial ownership in the companies that increasingly choose the governments we get and the air we breathe, for me preserves a bit of freedom, the dream of it— maintained.

Here endeth the diatribe, my pleading and my case, on the companies i cover, and my ability to continue covering them, and consuming from them, knowing I give to something from which i take, and i take from something— to which i give.


“I am the last Gladiator of the new Rome, and that’s all.”

—Evel Knievel

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