FIVE FOR FIVE : What is the next Hulk 181 – 1st Appearance of Wolverine??? UNDER CONSTUCTION

A book that would have cost you 35 cents to buy when it first came out, and even 10 years ago you could have picked up for about $100 in very good condition, today would cost you easily 50 times that $100 price tag.

I’m talking about HULK 181.

So that ship has sailed, you can’t pick up a graded copy of HULK 181 for less than $5000.

So what GRADED comics can you buy today for $100 to $200, that can potentially if not be Hulk 181 successful, definitely accrue in value in the years to come. What comics do I think you can buy on Ebay today, that will at least, triple their value in the next 5 years? Mainly I am saying these books are WAY undervalued right now, and now is the time to pick them up.


They are:

HULK 141 – 1st Appearance of Doctor Sampson. For my money this is a character and an issue that is FAR more interesting and compelling than the later 181, introduction of Wolverine. And while the character of Doctor Sampson has been underused, I see him as a character with always a lot of potential. The fact that you can pick this book up graded for under $200 makes it a STEAL in my opinion.

ALL STAR COMICS 58 – One of the best DC covers, and the Introduction of Power Girl.

DEFENDERS 47 – This sports a great cover showcasing an early appearance by Moon Knight, as well as Wonder Man in one of his most iconic cover appearances, and it just so happens to be part of a great Keith Giffen and David Kraft story-line.

LONE RANGER 76 -This is comic book cover art as full fledged art, and the lone ranger is one of those perennial concepts… that is always ready to capture the imagination. Just as a bit of Americana, this cover is a must own, as it appeals to American collectors, Western collectors, Pulp Collectors, and Comic Book Collectors. And there aren’t that many of these still available. But with a bit of looking you should be able to get a graded one for under $200. Which in my mind, is money in the bank.

MASTER OF KUNG FU 38 – What has always hurt this book is the fact the cover was not done by the interior artist Paul Gulacy, but what you have here, despite that, is the single best drawn and most sophisticated battle issue of the era. It is arguably the single best drawn issue of the run, and one of the best written. For these reasons owning a graded copy of this issue, at the bargain basement prices you can pick one up today is— in my opinion a wise pickup.




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