“I Got your Hat!” The fall of sports and the rise of the circus.


I want to say as little as possible about the most recent fiasco/circus that is the Mayweather/Paul altercation.

But something, rational needs to be said from this sea of irrationality. A word for the sport of boxing that very much has descended into the mud in the year of 2021.

I am amazed how grown ass adults, champions who have competed at the highest levels, lower themselves to taking on these circus matches that are either in a sport they have no experience in, or are outside their weight class.

I don’t understand how life long competitors  can be out maneurvered by 20 somethings.

Here is the deal, the Paul Brothers have done nothing where the names of any serious athlete should be coming out of their mouth. Not a McGregor, not a Mayweather. Particularly considering they are calling out people who either 1/do not box or 2/are not in their weight class. Which makes both their antics and the antics of Triller, the lowest form of cowardice. A combination of trolling and bullying and lowest common denominator disrespect that has been codified and monetized.

It is a bit sickening.

That said, from the perspective of Triller and the Paul Brothers it is genius and it is working.

These two kids who have not had a legitimate fight with an amateur or professional boxer in their weight class, someone who is trained and out there to hurt them with bad intentions, and despite this… these kids are the most well known and well paid boxers on the planet, A staggeringly sad indictment of the current state of boxing.

So while the morality of what they are doing, or lack of, may sicken, the ingenuity and success-fullness of what they have done, to turn themselves into world wide household names,… you have to call brilliant.

And on the other side of the equation, to be a Mayweather or an Askren and allow yourself to be baited into a circus match, where you have nothing to gain, and are playing on an unlevel playing field someone else’s game— is sad. Now with Askren, you can say he wanted the payday. For Mayweather, he doesn’t need the money. It is a combination of pure ego and he is slightly crazy. that he agrees to get into a boxing match with a kid half his age and twice his size. There is no upside in this fight for Mayweather, he wins, he was supposed to win over a youtuber. He loses, he makes the Paul Brother/Triller circus of fighting mismatches more of a success, and he tarnishes his unbeaten record.

How are these 20 something kids, completely out “art of warring” these supposed professionals?

Rule # 1- You don’t fight on the opponents terms.

Yet everyone is doing just that when it comes to the Pauls.

Mayweather is a 50 and 0 boxing legend, for him to even utter the name Paul in a sentence is to belittle himself. Much less to elevate these kids, who refuse to fight real active competition of their weight class and discipline.

Here is an analogy, and I am not calling anyone a pig. It is an analogy.

You can get in the mud and wrestle a pig, but to what benefit?

You’ve agreed to take off your clothes and get in mud and fight a pig, you have already lost by agreeing to such a scenario.

You can only compete with competitors, people who understand a fair competition, and the pursuit of excellence.  To complete with someone without an understanding of that, is not to compete, it is to perform.

I said the Paul Brothers are young enough to be Mayweather’s kids, they are also in conduct very much the children of Mayweather and McGregor, men who have used vile, derogatory means to sell their fights. Who in their antics very much bred this disrespect/circus environment that now the Brothers Paul, with social media, have taken to the next level.

Mayweather has legitimized the Paul Brothers by even responding to them, much less agreeing to fight them.

Win, lose or draw in the actual fight (And May weather is a great boxer, but even in his prime, fighting men in his weight class, he was never a powerful puncher. He didn’t win fights by outpunching guys, So against a kid who s in another weight class, has the height and weight and reach, he can likely decision the kid,  but he can just as likely get knocked out, particularly at his age)  Mayweather has already lost, by even acknowledging these kids. Champions should never punch down.


“I got your hat!”

One of the greatest sports, and some of the greatest competitors, reduced to looking like grade school idiots on tv, because they are following the grade school antics of the Pauls. If you fight on your enemy’s terms, you have lost.

Here endeth all I have to say on the matter.

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