THE NEW TEEN TITANS Comic Book Covers of the Day!

Favorite TEEN TITANS Covers!!!!


My single favorite TEEN TITANS cover. And a good story to boot, as were all these early Wolman and Perez stories.

[ttv1_26.jpg]This was part 2 in a GREAT 3 Part Bob Kanigher and Nick Cardy storyline. One of my favorite 3-part comic book storylines.

[nttv2_01.jpg]The New Teen Titans had proved so popular that DC decided to launch a 2nd series , by the same creative team, only on higher quality paper in a more deluxe format, direct to comic book stores. This new BAXTER series (named for the higher quality, vibrant paper it was printed on) was launched by this book. And it was great. And the cover, a bit of a reworking of the cover from the first series, is actually better.

[nttv1_13a.jpg]Another great 3 parter, this time starring THE DOOM PATROL!






  1. Two issue covers that blew me away when I saw them of The New Teen Titans were #13 & 39! I was in college for #13 and found it at a Rexal Drugstore in my small college town and it just jumped at me! #39 was about a year after college and just loved it!!

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