Favorite Youtube Streaming Channels/Discoveries of the Day! UNDER CONSTRUCTION


Come back tonight for the finished version. I’ll add 2 or 2 more channels.

Okay this one was recorded 5 days ago as of this writing, but I just discovered it today.


Yes, I clicked on it for obvious reasons.

“Henry!!! Henry!!! You unsubscribe from that blog right now!!! He’s a sexist, masher!!!  PERVERT!!!!”

I crack myself up.

But yes I did click on it for pretty obvious reasons, if you have eyes, and a pulse and a libido, and a passing interest in the fairer sex.

That said what you get in this video, and I wasn’t sure, is…. jaw dropping, effervescent, odd, loony, weird, at times surprisingly insightful, at times vapid to the point of self parody, but throughout completely compelling and entertaining.

Let me say this, I dislike reality tv, with a passion. I think talk shows and talk show hosts, with few exceptions replace Lawyers in that old joke.

“What do you call a thousand talk shows and talk show hosts at the bottom of the sea?”

“A good start.”

That a talk show host was ordained Resident, shows we are in the last days of Rome. 🙂

But while I dislike reality tv as foisted on us by networks, trying to craft what is reality, I like people.

Particularly when they have a view to share, that however alien to mind, I find… additive, in a world that is mostly divisive or subtractive.

I found watching the above video… additive.  I went in knowing— she’s over 21, she’s stunning, and it is in my feed for some reason.

Beyond that all bets were off.

What I got, to my chagrin, was being mystified (what is up with the house? Are they squatting? Are they my old tenants? 🙂 ), dubious of sanity, surprised by moments of insight, both chagrined and amused, and throughout entertained.

On a Saturday, in between errands, I’ll give a thumbs up to such infectious energy.

p.s. I went through the channel’s list of videos, I have not played video games in decades so most of the channel is of little interest to me, but I found this one video hilarious.


Come back tonight as I add the other discoveries made.

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