Well I shall finish the game.

When I think of the world, it is often in movie quotes. Movies, that I grew up with, were very much the poetry of our age.

With scripts by such luminaries as William Goldman and John Milius and Abraham Polonsky,  I grew up with this romantic notion, of words as having value, and intangibles such as honor, justice, duty, truth, loyalty… as constants to try and hew our lives to.

I grew up a want to be writer, fueled by writers.

John Fusco is another of those writers, whose screenplay, courtesy of being brought to life by actors and cinematographer and a director and producers, left an indelible mark on me.

To this day, I think of resisting failure and not quitting in terms of a movie line.

Silly I know, but it is the truth.

There is a line from the film YOUNG GUNS, one of many lines that spoke to me. It is where Billy the Kid, played by Emilio Estevez recounts a parable of three men playing cards, and in the middle of the card game being told the the world will end. One of the men wants to go to church and pray, one wants to get drunk and have women, but the third says… “Well I shall finish the game”

As ridiculous as it may seem, in good times and in bad, that line “of finishing the game”, that mantra has helped me stay the course, when seemingly nothing else would.

That is the power of a well delivered line, it has the power to become the poetry of our age, and plant its seeds deep.

The world in 2021 is a mess, beset on all sides by wars and rumors of wars. And even more insidious ‘peace’.

But still I hew to this silly line that has in its fiction, forged whatever is in me, that can be called fact— I am a person… who seeks to finish the game.

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