My Complete 3D Blu-Ray Kino Lorber Collection!!!! Part 1 of 3! & 3D 101- Everything you need to effectively watch 3D Movies at home!!!!


An experimental Goddard film from later in his career when he was doing lots of stream of consciousness pieces, this one is elevated by some great moments of very good 3D. No solid narrative, but enjoyable and intriguing visuals.

The film didn’t really grab me, and I found the 3D relatively disappointing. This is one of the few Kino Lorber 3Ds that will not stay in my collection.


It’s a schlock B movie with a 3D gimmick, where the 3D kicks in whenever the main character is possessed by… THE MASK. It’s okay movie, the 3D is good, the film not as good. A little bit of a low budgetr film, that doesn’t look any higher budget in 3D. But maybe I need to watch the film again, and give it more attention. I like the bits of 3D, as low budget as the effects are, enough to keep it around.

The movie is a recreation of battles during the Korean war, using actual soldiers who served in the Korean engagement (as it came to be known). So it comes off as part narrative film , part documentary using untrained actors, real soldiers, in the actual locations the battles took place. And here is where 3D truly lives for me, to give a sense of place and time and immediacy, and it works brilliantly here, even in B & W. the film without 3D would be an interesting if not entirely successful curio, with 3D, while still flawed, it is a very compelling and fascinating look at history, caught in amber. It is a keeper.

Speaking of B & W 3D, while I love B&W films, 3D in B&W is always a muted effect, compared to color. So while the 3D in cease fire is good 3D, it is not as good as 3D  I’ve seen in color films. I think that has to do with B&W is a noirish medium, more about shade and gradations of light and shadow, and doesn’t lend itself to the differentiation of palette, and therefore lend itself as capably as color to the illusion of depth. That said, THE MAZE is the best use of 3D I have seen in a B&W film, and transcends what is done in most post converted modern 3d color films.It is a must own shot in 3D, 3D film, and on top of that is just an excellent suspense/horror film.


If you don’t know the difference between post converted 3D ( such as what you’ll see in recent films from DOCTOR STRANGE to ROGUE ONE to GHOST IN THE SHELL to THE WALK) and classic natively shot 3D such as SANGAREE, the difference is everything. Most post converted 3D, and  even modern natively shot 3D, tends to fail to embrace, or is scared of the sense of space that 3D can give you, so it actually shies away from being too 3D.

Take DOCTOR STRANGE, which is a great VISUAL EFFECTS movie, that people mistake for being a great 3D movie. The 3D in most of DOCTOR STRANGE is appallingly bad, because it is filmed to not embrace the differentiation between levels, and items in space. Most of the movie is washed out and flat. In contrast, when you look at SANGAREE you can seemingly walk between every element in the film. There is real space not just between the foreground and background, but seemingly every element of the screen has true space between it. What some people disparage as too 3D, the cardboard cutout effect, I embrace as jaw dropping throw a football into the screen, true 3D…. and that is what SANGAREE has in spades.

It is a reference quality 3D Bluray disc, and is one of the best 3D Blu-rays ever produced, another winner by the excellent 3D Archive company.  On top of that it is just a great little adventure, historical drama film.

Ok, so we will end part one here. All these 3D films with the exception of LONG DAYS JOURNEY INTO NIGHT, come as recommended additions to any 3D fans movie library. And if you can only afford to get one, hands down SANGAREE is a must own.

Click on the images to acquire the Blu-rays if you do not have them, and here are links to equipment you can use to create your own 3D capable home theater system’


I typically just use my projector for 3D films (I end up using it typically 3 to 5 times a week for a few hours each. I work, and read and other things, so that’s typically as much time as I can carve out to seriously watch movies — most of what people do with tv watching is passive watching— they use the tv as background noise. A projector is for involved watching. So the way I watch, the bulb is rated to last 10 years, but if I get half of that I will call it money well spent. Plus I have already purchased a spare bulb to have when I eventually need it).

Any new $400 tv will do UHD (idiotically called 4K, when it is actually only about twice the pixel count of High Definition), and I recommend using your regular tv for most of your passive tv watching.

However if you want to run thru your projector bulbs life by watching netflix or commercials on regular tv on your projector, that’s your call… though I don’t recommend it.:).

So, in the interest of giving options, I have listed various projector price points, but the good news is they all do 3D, will all do short throw (I don’t want a projector that needs to be mounted to a ceiling. I want a short throw that I can move around, travel with, easily setup and take down, place on a coffee table not too far from the wall and see a 100″ picture) and have high enough contrast and brightness to not need a completely dark room, and not need a screen— just a teal/tanish colored wall. (I did buy a screen to my projector, but found much to my surprise and joy that the color of my walls was perfect to support the projector. So the screen sits boxed up. 🙂 )






ACTIVE GLASSES – The magic to great 3D at home, happens in the glasses. A quality DLP projector is half the equation, spending the money for quality Active 3D Glasses is the other half of that equation.




SOUND SYSTEM- Most of us live with families, or have to respect neighbors or quiet hours, and in those situations a shake the windows Dolby 7.1 or Atmos sound system is simply expensive paper weights.

The built in speaker in most of the projectors is good for an intimate group, and a sound bar can easily be added for more ooomph. But for me, what is effective listening for me, that I can listen as loud or as long as I like, and still get that full stereo effect, is headphone and an IR Transmitter. Not just for projector watching but for all my tv watching it has been an essential purchase. For a fraction of the cost of a dedicated sound system you have a far more useful and portable system

Here are today’s headphone and IR transmitter selections:


Well that’s it folks.

All my secrets to a home theater system that will allow you to have a BETTER 3D movie viewing experience than just about any commercial theater you have been in. Not because the individual components are better, they aren’t, but their application, is. You can tailor the viewing experience to you and yours, and as someone who has watched the movies in 3D in the theaters and in my home, I much prefer the experience of my home theater. now that isn’t to say I won’t support theatrical 3D films if they ever come back to the cinemas, but it is just great to have purchased myself and my family the option, of not having to wait on others to anytime we feel like watch COCO or ANT MAN or LIFE OF PI or SANGAREE in immersive 3D.


If you found this exhaustive and exhausting post… of interest, then please support by liking, commenting, sharing and using the links provided. Your purchases thru the links get you great items, and earn this blog much needed pennies to keep the proverbial lights on.


Okay That’s all for now. Be Well!!!

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