Favorite Poster Print Discoveries of the Day!!!! Four for Four!!!

“I feel young, like when the world was new.”

“You belong in a circus… right beside the dog faced boy!”

Both those quotes for different reasons just came to mind today, for reasons whimsical and wry.

First subscriber to leave a comment OR email me with the who and the what of the above quotes, will receive a — to be determined — No-prize. 🙂

And also I want to thank the subscribers old and new who continue to patronize (the nice definition of that word, not the negative one 🙂 ) and visit and comment and share this blog.

I don’t say it enough, but you are GREATLY appreciated.

Okay on to the post…

Definition of patronize transitive verb

1 : to act as patron of : provide aid or support

I am a poster/print fan.

Mostly I gravitate to a few iconic artists. Alex Ross, Walkuski. I would have Beksinski and Duncanson and Weeks posters if they were readily available at poster size.

I also gravitate to Movie posters, for films that resonate with me typically.

Here without further ado, are the posters/prints that I have discovered/stumbled across, or ruminated on… today!!!

The greatest movie of all time, finally has one of the greatest posters of all time. A must own poster! This one is actually one I have, and highly recommend you pick it up if you can find it.


Zdzislaw Beksinski Canvas Art Poster 24×36″ Framed!

One of my favorite artists of all time, but generally there are no decent, large format posters/prints of his work. To date the best way to view his work is through his first and best book, THE FANTASTIC ART OF BEKSINSKI.


However today on Amazon, I stumbled across this framed print on canvass? With Free Shipping?? I have not vetted the quality of this store, but I am very intrigued. I absolutely adore the artwork of the late, great Beksinski.


It’s Alex Ross, in a ready to hang format, and one of the best depictions of the golden age Flash. If you have the money, it is an easy buy.

Now the below poster, is also another beautiful print, of Alex Ross’ stunning painted and iconic artwork. It is part of a cover image from his iconic KINGDOM COME series. Now I already own the full (bigger)poster, which is LONG out of print, so this new print being available, especially at $20 seemed like an easy buy. $20 for a 24″x17″ poster isn’t exactly cheap, but it is Alex Ross, plus the Amazon description said something about the print not being on paper.

Well I got the print in the mail this past weekend.

Holy Effing Heck!!! I was literally giddy when I took this poster out of the tube and unrolled it and looked at it and felt it. It’s not paper, and it is not canvass. It is printed on a type of plastic, and …. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT.

Come next pay day, I’m picking up SEVERAL more. Here is my experience with things I love. They go out of print. And whether it is being able to gift it to others or to resell them, I have found that having extras of great items, is always a smart long term play.

This print, gals and guys… is a great item. It is a steal at $20. Now the manufacturer has other prints done by other artists, but most of them are just not appealing at all (to me). But to have an artist of the caliber of Alex ross on this medium— a must have.

Click the link below to see for yourself!


Come back next installment for more great discoveries and recommendations!!! Please subscribe, email, comment, share, and generally have a great and blessed week.

May you have… Heroic Times.

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