Streaming You Tube Channel of the Day: KEEP IT THORO COMICS and Steranko



I love this guy’s channel. I love how passionate he is about people.

And this is coming from someone who is a fan of Steranko the artist.

Yep, That was a stupid quote from Steranko.  It’s a big reason i am not on Twitter or Facebook, I don’t like un-moderated platforms. It is too easy for people to share uninformed opinions, or integrate uninformed opinions.

Everyone has a right to an opinion. But what you have a right to share, is an informed opinion. Uninformed opinions have a tendency to spread, like a wildfire.

I have a hard time believing Steranko won’t back away from that quote when confronted with how, ill-advised and potentially inflammatory and dangerous it comes off, especially in light of our current world situation.

But maybe he won’t. Maybe he has become, like too many couch facebookers and twitterers, an agent of intolerance.

Me, anybody who reads this blog knows, I’m not a cancel culture proponent (and to be clear neither is Thoro).

I expect of artists, nothing more than their art. And as long as they don’t flaunt their prejudices in my face, or at least seem repentant of it, or deny it, I’m good with leaving that to the court of law.

I tend to save my ire, for people who are in positions to make life worse for me and mine, and are actively working to do do so. Ie Hate Mongers, Politicians, Despots. Cold, calculating engines of oppression.


But people who in the heat of passion… say or do or choose… wrong, I leave that to the whirlwind.

Because ultimately, that can be any of us, on the wrong day, in the wrong moment.

Everyone says something stupid, or chooses stupid, or does stupid, and there are courts to work that through.

I leave it there.

Steranko’s soul is his own. His falling down and his standing up. Beyond having an opinion on a stupid comment, this idea that the quality of art, a fixed thing, is somehow made, no longer consumable because of the fall or degradation or change of the man who made the art, is an idea that I have never subscribed to.

Wally Wood killed himself. I still enjoy his books.

I still count Cosby as one of the great comedians, and an important figure in making strides to an integrated Hollywood and  America. I still count Simpson as a great Football player. I still like all the movies done by Kevin Spacey and Bryan Singer and most of the films produced by the Weinsteins. John Wayne was a supporter of McCathyism, but I still love many of the westerns he did with John Ford and Howard Hawks.

There are no perfect people.

And I historically hate Lynch Mobs, whether they are the literal kind, or the social media kind. I hate the bandwagon jumpers who are too eager to cast stones at the flaws of others, while their own flaws, go un-examined.

I have no problem separating the person from the work. Thomas Jefferson was a slave owner, and arguably a rapist like many of his period, but he was also one of our greatest Presidents, and gave us one of our greatest institutions, the Library of Congress.

People are seldom all good, or all bad. All of you reading this are arguably friends to some, and disliked by others. And both of those views of you… are probably equally true.

So I’m not saying excuse wrong, or excuse ignorance, I am saying not everything is for the court of public opinion to have a say in.

And not everything, do we have to agree on.

Maybe instead, see if there is rational common ground, that we can meet on; before cutting off communication.

It’s my idea that our conflicts are oft more misunderstanding than malice, at least for most people.

We all have to do our part to stem the spread of ignorance, and misinformation. And part of how you do this is by supporting those who are defending liberties and freedoms, and educating the uninformed or misinformed. Whether that is the ACLU or SPL or EFF or NAACP or AIP.  And more than that it should extend to looking hard at how you spend your money and with who. But that is talk for another day.

Suffice to say, a recommended video and channel.


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