Streaming VOD Guide of the Day: Youtube Edition -Tomb Raider, Artbooks and More!



I an not particularly a Tomb Raider fan ( though I do own and really enjoy the fully painted comic book by Joe Jusko– I’ll include a link below) but I am always on the lookout for great artbooks. I really appreciated this thorough overview of the book. Kudos to the Youtuber for this detailed overview. Having seen it, while the cover is very nice, the book isn’t for me. However if the video grabs you, you can get the book by clicking the image below.


Now, as far as a Tomb Raider book I do HIGHLY recommend, click the image below:

Joe Jusko is typically a cover painter, so to have him do the artwork for an entire narrative book, is pretty rare. And this comic is him at his best.

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Come back tomorrow, for more wacky finds!

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