Blu-Ray[dvd] Indicator Powerhouse UNBOXING of the Day! and Blu-ray/3D vs 4K vs Streaming!

I cannot STAND traditional Blue blu-ray cases. If you like them it is fine, but for me they are anathema. I feel it just looks tacky when displayed.

I dislike obvious branding. I don’t mind subtle branding, but obvious branding, such as the new obtrusive 4K branding for releases, I dislike.

(just one reason I dislike 4K, which is not 4 times HD, but comes in actually at twice, and that VISIBLE difference more down to color grading than actual resolution, when it is even mastered properly. Like other reviewers I will take well mastered HD 3D with a DLP projector and good Active glasses over 4K, any-day. Heck I will take some Dvds and Blurays over 4Ks any-day. I side with Criterion with not loving being pushed into 4K, that it only serves to fragment an already too fragmented market, for negligible true quality difference. People generally prefer Criterion’s HD release of DO THE RIGHT THING over the 4K release, and other examples of this exist.

When we look back at 2020, I think we will see that was the best year [qualitatively] for physical media releases, and already here in 2021, the move to 4K, is helping to create some unexciting and uninteresting triple and quadruple dipping, and a return to unattractive physical media releases. The  branding heavy, boring artwork, no interior artwork 4 K releases are a step backward, and almost as bad as Blue cases, a throwback to the early, unattractive days of Blu-ray releases. And the rise of these bare-bones, unappealing 4K releases in 2021 undoes any progress made in 2020, and exacerbates the downward spiral of physical media).

If physical media does not look attractive on your shelf, when displayed in your kallax storage units, …what do you own it for? Just go digital rather than display something that looks like garbage, or looks as if it belongs in a frat house or pawn shop, rather than a bookshelf. So first thing I do if I get a Blue  case, is replace it with a higher quality clear case.

See the before and after pictures of the BIG HEAT and THE LADY FROM SHANGHAI , and how much better a simple case replacement makes them look.




So That is what I received in the mail today.

To get your copies of some of the items shown, feel free to click the images below:

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