What I am looking forward to watching on Streaming in January 2021


Cobra Kai: Season 3 – Who would have thought COBRA KAI, which I stayed away from for the longest time, because I could not believe the hype, and thought the idea just sounded stupid, would be one of my favorite shows of 2020? However COBRA KAI, along with STAR GIRL and DRACULA, was one of my favorite new shows of 2020. Season 3 just relleased this week, and I finished the whole season in one night. it was that good and compelling. Highly Recommended.

Gretel & Hansel (2020)- this interests me. Trailer looks lavish and demented, so interested in seeing if that adds up to good.

Books of Blood (series) – Not new on Hulu, but one I am looking to check out.

One Night in Miami (2020) – the play blew me away. If the movie is half a s good as the play, it will be must see TV.

WandaVision: Episodes 1 to 3


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