Youtube Video of the Day : RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY – Biden vs Trump – Presidential Results




There is very little to find humor in the disgraceful state of American politics, and the current debased state, the (as of this writing) present occupant of the once esteemed White House, has brought the position to; however the geniuses of RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY manages to release a timely bit of satire, to squeeze a bit of mirth, out of the pathetic, the bigoted and the criminal.

A great little video. And let us hope like this rap battle, Biden likewise gets the win.

And that comment isn’t about Democrat and Republican, it is not about either/or, it is not about Giants vs Eagles, it is not about tribalism and sports teams that we side with right or wrong, win or lose, this is about a nation of the people, by the people, for the people— that has in the last several decades, lost its moral compass, and been led astray by oligarchs and corporations and madmen.


It is about ideas and lessons of liberty, and justice and humanity that was  paid for, at great price, by generations of men and women before us, and a new generation, ignorant of history, being sold the perversion of slavery and hate, of master and slave, of noble and serf; a generation rushing to turn back the clock, away from progress and toward slavery—, slavery of thought, and ideas, and reason, and imagination, and opportunities.

A generation that wants to embrace the comforting ignorance of moving backward into hate, over the challenges of moving forward into the uncertainty of hope and change and progress.

Is Biden a perfect candidate? By no means. The president, the best of them and the worst, tend to be figure heads, for their corporate masters. That is the true fight the coming days bring, regardless who wins the Election, to undo our Nations ownership and mis-education, thrust on us by the lobbying of corporations– that is the real battle.


We must ultimately, to handle a misbehaving dog, not grapple with the dog, but take to task the master. So by all means vote out the unruly rabid dog this November, but never forget that is only one avenue to victory, and we must begin to learn to fight like the enemy, from all angles at once. You have to have a plan B, C and D, and be fighting on all those fronts, to win back America, from the Nazi aesthetic that has been allowed to grow.


How you please God, dispose the day.



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