On the UFC, an exciting weekend of highly anticipated fights, and the MMA crowd being played like a fiddle



Really looking forward to this Saturday’s  UFC match.

A long time in the making match between two undefeated and impressive and very different, but equally dangerous, fighters,; champion Israel Adesanya and #1 challenger Paulo Costa. Both men have the power to end this with a single punch, so it will be a match of who can control the fight, and impose their style the best.

I like both fighters, I don’t have a dog in this fight. But if you push me to make a guess, while Paulo Costa definitely has the power to come out, and end this in the first round by knockout, Adesanya has tons of victories and experience (well before entering the UFC) of facing all comers, so he has a history of thriving under pressure. If that remains the case this Saturday, then I see him surving the initial pressure of Costa, and taking it to the deep waters of the later rounds. The longer the fight goes on, the more dangerous Adesanya becomes. So my educated guess on the outcome would be Adesanya for the win. But again, either man has the power to win.

Regarding the co-main event Reyes vs Blachowicz, I’ll say Reyes, for similar reasons to the Adesanya/Costa match. Reyes has more experience, and more tools in his arsenal, but also like the Adesana/Costa fight, each guy is only one well placed punch away, from turning the other guy’s lights off.

All in All, a rightly well anticipated night of fights.


Bit of a rant here, so feel free to skip this part.

A quick word on the UFC, since the Resident in Charge has made a habit of wooing the MMA, specifically UFC crowd, I would just urge you to have a longer memory than yesterday.


“Are these the days my death shall spare me? It would seem we are to suffer an apocalypse of cockatoos… Morose, barbaric children playing joylessly with their unfathomable toys. Where comes this dullness in your eyes? How has your century numbed you so? Shall man be given marvels only when he is beyond all wonder?

See me! Wake up and look upon me! I am come amongst you. I am with you always! You are the sum of all preceding you, yet seem indifferent to yourselves. A culture grown disinterested, even in its own abysmal wounds.

How would I seem to you? Some antique fiend or penny dreadful horror, yet YOU frighten ME! You have not souls. With you I am alone. Alone in an Olympus. Though accomplished in the sciences, your slightest mechanisms are beyond my grasp. They HUMBLE me, yet touch you not at all. This disaffection. THIS is Armageddon.”
Alan Moore, From Hell

The same way this guy used the worst aspects of talk show television, namely inane conflict and division and the stupidity of the masses, to during the first election distract people from the elephant in the room, namely this guy is unfit to be a dog catcher, let alone represent the interest of not just hundreds of millions of Americans, but the security of the larger world; is the same thing he is doing now with the UFC.

This is the guy whose inept response to this Covid crisis has killed millions of Americans, not to mention his Jim Crow neo-nazi supported platform, turning back the clock on America by decades, and insulting ethic peoples from Latins to Asians to Blacks. At a time when forward thinking people are trying to make us again a forward looking, space faring, no longer fossil fuel dependent nation, we instead have to deal with someone actively trying to return America to the 1920s or maybe 1820s.

This weapon of Robber Baron’s, this resident of the United States,  is dismantling every concept of a nation of the people, by the people, and for the people— that he can get his hands on.

And because he pats  you on the head, you are so wooed by celebrity, you sacrifice your liberty, and your childrens’ liberty— to gibber in his presence like school girls.  What some will do to kiss the hem of celebrity— even onto enslaving themselves and all the world.


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