Do you read product labels at the grocery and online to make good purchase decisions for your family? Then you need to see this!


It is a simple video, but it highlights a very serious issue, the eradication of truth in labeling.

Now I am about to go on a rant, so those of you well versed in my rants can check out now, and come back next time for a post on fluffy bunnies.

But for the “I need a good rant right now”, among you— proceed. 🙂 .


Trump’s USDA vs Science?


Rather than being just a brain-dead reaction to Covid, the removal of truth in labeling goes back to the first days of Trump’s administration, and like his coup of the postal service, the FCC, the EPA, the  FDA, and the Supreme Court, he has placed the most venal, and ‘conflict of interest oriented’ people — in charge of these crucial public trust organizations.

These organizations, these trusted bodies such as the USDA and FDA and EPA, that are supposed to be defending the American people from unscrupulous, over-reaching corporate interests, these essential fabrics of a secure nation, have in the last 4 years, been gifted to representatives from these very same corporate interests, that the American people need protection from.

In less than 4 years, the Trump residency, has given his corporate backers everything, and the cost has only been destroying the EPA, by abolishing hard fought environmental protections, destroying the FCC, usurping the Supreme Court, destroying the FDA, doubling down on Bush’s policy of making incarceration a money making business, restoring Jim Crow, oh and eradicating truth in labeling on the foods we eat, through his substitution program. So manufacturers can put anything in the foods they sell us, and do not have to disclose it.

We have in America gotten to this point where we should not talk politics and religion, except to the converted. Do you know why that is? It is so people can maintain uninformed and ignorant opinions. It is so we can emotionalize our stances, rather than intellectualize them. We have made being a Democrat or a Republican, like being a Lakers or a Bulls fan.

A hard etched line in the sand, do or die thing, a tribal thing, that has nothing to do with the concerns of the nation above all, but is instead about winning, for the sake of winning. We have, and by we– I mean corporations (over our backs), have made politics a blood game, a talk show event for a talk show nation, filled with abominations who would not know what love of country, love of nation, love of God, or love of justice, or love people… means— they are dogs of the highest bidder, and American liberty is the ground they dig in.

We have become a nation of cheerleaders for abominations, because we are uninformed.

Our newspapers and true journalists have been bought out and shut down. The social justice warriors of the FDR age, that birthed the idea of heroes like a Superman or a Batman, who in their origins fought unchecked capitalism, and spoke up for the common man. Now we have a social media (that is little more than an updated lynch mob) awash, with voices of people calling for their own subjugation, who call for the death of unions, and the glorification of robber barons, because they are too uninformed to pick up a book and see that we have been there.  I have seen the days without unions, and without labor laws and with robber barons in control, and what horrors that looked like. It is called history, and repeating it is a crime that each of us, in the fullness of time, will have to answer for.

People  are getting  placed into positions of authority, who are unfit to have authority over a dog, much less the lives, and safety, and security of millions of people, but this happens because we no longer have journalism to expose corruption. We get our news from a media, that is owned by the ones fleecing America, corporations. Corporations that will not intelligently put forth the needs of the American people, or shout out the bad politicians, or bad corporations.

So we have the venal and the ignorant and the evil— supporting an administration, that unless you own a corporation or are making well over a million dollars a year, is dedicated to abolishing the middle class,  and widening the gap between rich and poor, master and slave. This is an administration that is turning back the clock over a 100 years, victories that countless Americans have bled and fought and died for, being surrendered by the silence and the ignorance of the masses. And the culpability of the media that sells us on division and sensationalism and the illusion of democracy, when the truth is the culpability is with everyone on both sides of the aisle, that is in the pocket of big business.

I hate when I hear a good old boy talking about he supports Trump. Trump is everything that is rotting this nation, and burning the flag. By the fruit will you know the tree. Nazis and Klansman and separatists. The abolishment of labor laws, the rise of monopolies and oligarchies, the devaluation of the dollar. Attempts to add privatization of the postal service and police, to the privatization of incarceration.

It is so clear. Wrong.

There is right, and there is wrong, and that distinction is not hard to make. And everyday of our lives— all of us make wrong and bad decisions, but the goal of it is , is to try and make right ones.

To at the end of the day, weight the good we have done, against the bad, and hope the good outweighs. It’s the striving to do more good than bad, that defines a good man from a bad one. That, and the eternal questioning, about the things you do, and the stance you take, and the people you side with, only everyday questioning yourself— and the help or the harm you are doing— will keep you on the side of the angels.

Because the day you stop questioning, the day you accept you are right and will always be right, that is the day you begin the trumpian slide into wrong. 🙂

Here endeth the lesson.




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