Roku VOD Streaming Youtube Channel of the Day : MASTER 3D! Best 3D?!!!!

I have been a 3D fan all my life. But mostly it has been the Anaglyph Red/Cyan technology. And while perfectly fine for books and comics, for films it was never the best. Usually too much ghosting. Which is why the polarized 3D used in the theaters like IMAX or REALD  was such a step up. I decided to finally get on the bandwagon and try RealD 3D at home.

However, if I had stumbled across the Master 3D site sooner, I may have held off jumping on the RealD format a little longer. Whereas it cost quite substantially to watch RealD 3D films at home (price of 3D Blu-ray player, price of 3D tv or 3D projector and screen, price of the Active 3D glasses,  and of course the price of the films that are, increasingly limited), Anaglyph can work on your existing system with nothing needed beyond a pair of cheap Red/Blue 3D glasses.

Master 3D’s Youtube channel, shows the best Anaglyph 3D that I have ever seen from the format. By comparison, THE POLAR EXPRESS Anaglyph 3D Bluray, produced by a major movie studio; the 3D on that big studio release is quite frankly dreadful, filled with massive ghosting and cross-talk.

Whereas the anaglyph 3D videos of Master 3D, have none of those problems, and are simply jaw droppingly exquisite. Offering true sense of depth and at moments pop-outs that seem to hover off of your screen, while also largely eliminating ghosting.


It is a stupendous job of 3D mastering in the Anaglyph format. Just grab yourself a pair of red/green glasses and check his Aquarium video here and subscribe to his channel. And tell him HT sent ya!


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