Intriguing Video of the Day : Can not knowing the metric system kill you?


Smartass Brit. 😀

But yes I do agree, the US still being on imperial, does not make a lot of sense.

Ok, I am about to go on an off-topic diatribe here, so those of a sensitive disposition may leave now. 😀

But I think it is indicative of a larger problem with America (as if this country needed anymore  problems😀), being in the thrall of famiies that never embraced or appreciated anything post the fall of the monarchy’s influence on this nation. Anything post the rise of Democracy, anything post the push-back against Robber-Barons in this nation, gets the bum’s rush. 

This can be seen in American funding embracing and funding European standards as classical music, rather than home grown music of blues, or jazz, or the folk of the Appalachians as this Nation’s classical music,  It is this entrenched disdain by people in power for this idea of a nation of the people, by the people and for the people. And by extension a disdain for anything produced by those masses.

The problem with America is the governance of it, falls into the hands of people who ultimately hate the concept of democracy and freedom of the masses. Ironic, isn’t it. 😀 


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