What I Bought During the Summer 2020 Barnes & Noble Criterion Blu-ray/DVD Sale! Part 3 – The Wrap up!



Okay so this is the wrap up to my Banes &Noble July 2020 50% off Criterion sale. The sale goes until 2 August so you have a lot of time to pick up the foillowing recommendations ( Supplies allowing).

I’ve had a chance to watch most of these, and with the exception of the Malick films, I am impressed with all of them. And even though I am not a fan of the Malick films, and will arguably sell them down the road, you are getting your money’s worth just in terms of special features.

I find Malick’s films, too filled of artifice for me, not a complaint I typically have, as I generally like filmmakers who are stylized.  Unfortunately with Malick, it often feels like style at the expense of substance. So as a viewing experience, I find the films of Malick I have seen, while always beautiful, also always plodding and indulgent. But man… that box art!! Particularly on THE NEW WORLD, is a work of art. It brings me enjoyment just looking at it on my shelf.

So without further ado… the purchases:

Lone Wolf and Cub



  1. excellent pickups sir-I think Malick’s Thin Red Line is a masterpiece but his other films I find a little unengaging but beautiful.
    I can recommend the Ballad of Gregorio Cortez-it blew me away and has landed on my favourite 150.
    Lone Wolf and Cub is wonderful.

    • Hey SR, that is another vote for THIN RED LINE, I will definitely have to give that one anotheer try. And yes LONE WOLF is fantastic, and I’ll probably watch Cortez tonight. Looking forward to it! And I highly recommend A NIGHT TO REMEMBER, it may be the best Criterion film that no one talks about. I loved it, and all the special features.

  2. BADLANDS and THE THIN RED LINE are the only Terrence Malick movies I like and have seen more than once. Malick is a very visual director who I feel is more interested in giving audiences the visual equivalent of a poem. He’s more interested in evoking emotions through visuals than story/plot.

    • Yeah, I think you nailed it, D. I definitely wanted to like TREE OF LIFE and THE NEW WORLD, but man, 40 minutes in, and I’m like, “Damn. I’d rather be washing dishes!” I’M JOKING! To the Malick fans out there– I’m JOKING! ( I’m really not 🙂 ).

      But yeah D, you are correct. He’s a visualist like Kubrick or Lean or Antonioni, however without any of their compelling storytelling. Which makes his movies more travelogue than narrative. I haven’t seen BADLANDS, and time allowing (based on your feedback) may need to give THE THIN RED LINE another try. I never got out of the 1st hour with it.:). But yes, I do appreciate his images.

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