Must own Blu-Rays in the age of Streaming : This Weekend’s Vinegar Syndrome Sale

I am not a huge low budget 80s cinema or direct to video fan.

So Vinegar Syndrome is not a label that has been on my radar.

But thanks to a few different Blu-ray Youtube channels, most namely Aaron Pynn’s I have been starting to research Vinegar Syndrome, and have been prepping for this sale they are having this weekend.

A lot of their titles are not my cup of tea, I am not a slasher, zombie, soft core fan, but as I started researching their titles,  some really piqued my interest. And I have never really had any interest in Slipcovers, but wow, they have some gorgeous limited edition slip-covers.

So with the sale still going on, here are the ones I think may be worth your hard earned money.

DecoderAs of this writing there are 500 Slip-cover copies left of this title. The Description of the movie, is really intriguing. This one, funds allowing, is a must buy.

Taking Tiger MountainStrange and art-house tinged and experimental, and comes with commentary and booklet. As of this writing there are 300 copies left. Yeah, this needs to end up on my shelf.

DeadlineAgain not a slasher fan here. But this one has decent reviews, and that Slip-case is KILLER. At this writing there are 400 copies left.

I’m not going to breakdown the rest, but here are all the ones I think are MUST BUYS while you can get the limited Editions.

A little bit of adult content follows, so if under 18 stop reading and go check with your parents for permission. For the rest of you adults… continue.

I have never bought an adult film (watched–yes, bought— no 🙂 ), and some of the following are adult films, Most however, appear to be erotic horror thrillers, but some are X rated films. Just an FYI for you. If not your cup of tea, stay away.

As far as me, these slipcases must find their way onto my bookshelf.

Luther the GeekDominique9 Lives of a Wet PussyDr. Jekyll's Dungeon of DeathPale BloodMalabimbaHollywood Horror HouseAmityville: The Cursed CollectionA Thousand and One Erotic Nights 1 & 2


Those are pretty much the must own Special Editions that are still in stock. They also have some regular editions that are worth your time ( Special Editions already sold out. The regular editions that are must owns are:

Sudden FuryCatch My SoulThe Candy Tangerine Man / Lady CocoaSpookiesThe Candy SnatchersThe Corruption of Chris MillerBeware My BrethrenThe IncubusThis film, I saw on streaming, Amazon Prime, it stars John Cassavettesa, and it blew my mind. Don’t read anything about this movie. Don’t even read the description. Just watch it. It is a jaw droppingly great horror film with a killer ending. I absolutely love this movie.This version comes with special features, it is a no-brainer of a buy.

Def By TemptationPreyA Woman's TormentRaw ForcePetey Wheatstraw


That’s it guys. Those are the ones in stock, that grab my interest, and may just grab yours.

You can view the sale here.


Guys if you found this post helpful and informative ( a good bit of work went into it) then your likes, emails, comments, subscribing and spreading the word… greatly appreciated. Good luck shopping!!!!

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