VOD Streaming Film of the Day : Roger Corman’s X starring Ray Milland on Amazon Prime


I’ve seen this before, in passing quite a while ago. I did not remember it being this good. It is quite a fascinating and surprisingly dire film. Not a great movie, but a very good one, with one of the more impactful endings. A homerun by Roger Corman.


“What do you see?”

“This city, as if it was unborn, rising into the sky with fingers of metal, limbs without flesh, girders without stone, signs hanging without support, wires dipping and swaying without poles.

A city unborn, its flesh disolved in an acid of light.”



Check out the comments, as the brilliant Derrick Freguson, excellent Writer, Reviewer, general Renissance guy drops the knowledge on the ending! Also released today, coverage on the film, by great youtube channel SOLITARY RONIN at the link below. Watch the movie before checking out both, though.

And if he sells you on getting the Bluray like he did with yours truly, then get your copy here:


  1. There’s a popular legend about the ending of this movie which Roger Corman claims to have filmed but decided to cut because he felt it was too frightening. The movie as we know it ends with Ray Milland in the revival tent ripping out his own eyes and then it scene freezes on Milland’s empty, bleeding eye sockets.

    According to Corman, the scene continued with Millard screaming “I can still SEE!” over and over as the scene faded to black.

    • WoW!!! I thought you could not get any bleaker than that ending. But what you have just described would have done it. Now I need to see a remake with that ending! 🙂

      And it just so happens, and I did not see this until after doing my post, the fun youtube channel Solitary Ronin, released a review of X today as well. I will add a link to his video in the post. I was up in the air about buying the Bluray, but finding out it has 2 commentaries in SR’s video… yep it goes on my buy list.

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