Currently Watching : SHARK KILLER (2015) courtesy Streaming VOD Amazon Prime

Shark Killer (2015)


15 minutes in and I am liking Sheldon Wilson’s 2015 film SHARK KILLER (its environmentally and PETA  questionable title aside), it has a nice ROMANCING THE STONE meets MOONLIGHTING vibe, the leads are good actors and have chemistry, the locations are enticing, so looking promising, but the jury is still out. However one thing that is the ‘best of the day’, is that opening credit sequence. Hearkens to the best and most inventive of such credit sequences.

50 minutes in and its overstaying its welcome a bit, and a film that is about Sharks that has sub par CGI sharks… ummm… bit of a problem. And just pacing wise, it just starts treading water. I still like the leads, but the story just is not going anyplace.

Ok film has just finished and… yeah, not good. Besides the leads Derek Theler and Erica Cerra, I didn’t care for anyone else in the film. The role of the brother, is both annoyingly written and performed. The back and forth dialogue, between the brothers, that has been done much better in numerous films just seems tedious here, and all in all from a promising beginning, just went nowhere fast.

View it for yourself courtesy of Amazon Prime just to check out that opening credit sequence, and forget the actual movie. Grade: D-.

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