Rating the SEVEN Most Popular Streaming/VOD Channels!!! April 2020 Edition!

Here is my completely biased and definitely partial rating, of the seven top Streaming Services (Actually six, my seventh is my free Digital Antenna service). Going from LEAST used to most used, as well as taken into consideration the quantity and quality of selections the channel offers, as well as quality and ease of use and ease of surfing of the channel’s interface.



6. DISNEY (PAID  Service)

5. NETFLIX (PAID Service)

4. HULU (PAID Service)

3. KANOPY -Excellent Free service to anyone with a participating Library. I just signed up for it, and absolutely love it. As a fan of classic films and film noir, this service is a gem. has a huge assortment of films, that are not even available courtesy of Amazon Price. I’ve had the service a short time and already have over a 100 films on my watchlist. One caveat about this service you can only watch 15 films a month, But this limitation aside a great service. Some recommended highlights are SEVEN DAYS TO NOON, POOL OF LONDON, BLACK TORMENT AND COSMOS to name a few.


1. AMAZON (PAID Service)


Hope you found this list to the best streaming channels for April 2020 useful! If you did, please like and subscribe!

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