Why Physical Media is Great : Audio Commentary of the Day – THE TWO FACES OF DR. JEKYLL Blu-Ray BOXSET

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I’m currently making my way thru the so far, simply excellent Powerhouse Indicator HAMMER VOL FOUR : FACES OF FEAR Limited Edition.


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THE TASTE OF FEAR is the masterpiece of this boxset, but the TWO FACES OF DR. JEKYLL is a very enjoyable classic Hammer film. A very intriguing and compelling take on the Jekyll/Hyde myth, with one of the stronger endings. Quite enjoyed it.

And the special features are great, particularly the 2019 audio commentary with film historians Josephine Botting and Jonathan Rigby is entertaining and informative. One of the better commentaries, chock full of anecdotes and information, it is a must listen, top-notch, commentary, to a very fun, compelling film. Also sports one of Christopher Lee’s better performances.


Deal of the Day!


p.s. Another word on this film, Paul Massie, the titular star of this film, tends to have his performance dismissed by critcs, even in the commentary. However, while I concede the issues with the makeup and some issues with the Hyde character in terms of script realization, I quite enjoyed his performance, particularly the scenes where he has to show the fight between his two selves, just using his voice. Paul Massie has one of the most magnificent voices, and it is in full use here. Definitely listen to the Paul Massie:Archival Interview, also on this Blu-ray release. That, as well as the HAMMER’S WOMEN :  DAWN ADDAMS overview, is recommended viewing/listening.

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